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Orthopedics | Sports Medicine

Orthopedics is one of our specialties at MaineHealth. Our medical teams fix bones, replace joints, provide rehab and treat long-term problems. They help you get your life back – only better. Chronic pain or injury often keeps people from doing what they love. It's not just a hurt knee or bad hip that's the problem. It impacts your whole health. The physicians at MaineHealth combine skill, experience and the latest technology to treat injuries, including knee, hip and other joint injuries.

Where To Find Care

Find Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Care at the following MaineHealth member locations.

Expertise and Advanced Technology

We are committed to giving patients the best care in the treatment of bones, muscles, joints and nerves. Injuries can happen to anyone, whether you're active in sports or at home. MaineHealth has orthopedic treatments at community hospitals and specialty practices throughout Maine and in northern New Hampshire. That means patients often can get orthopedic treatment, joint replacement and rehabilitation locally.

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