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Find Dermatology Services at the following MaineHealth locations.

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Our searchable Provider Directory makes it quick and convenient to find a specialist or primary care provider near you.

Dermatology | Skin Conditions

Whether it's a complete skin exam or a mole biopsy, dermatologists bring a full range of skin care to doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals. Check with your primary care provider first, and ask about a referral to see a MaineHealth dermatologist. See a directory of dermatologists at MaineHealth.

Dermatologists and other skin cancer specialists are committed to diagnosing and treating skin cancer, the most common type of cancer in the U.S. Browse our services below:

Care & Treatment 

How to spot a problem mole

You can check your own skin for moles that look different. Learn the ABCDE rule to see if you may have a problem mole that your provider may need to look at or biopsy.