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Mary Ottolini, MD, MPH, MEd
Michael Dedekian, MD
Brian Youth, MD
Thomas Reynolds, DO
Pamela Dietz, MD
Katie Diamond-Falk, MD

Pediatric Clinic and Hospitalists

Hadi Anwar, MD
Shannon Bennett, DO
Amy Buczkowski, MD
David Cox, MD
Heather Daigle, MD
Stephen DiGiovanni, MD
Noah Diminick, MD
Benjamin Felix, MD
Jamie Fey, MD
Jennifer Hayman, MD
Sarah Hoffman, DO
Meredith Jackson, MD
Jennifer Jewell, MD
Leah Mallory, MD
Lorraine L. McElwain, MD
Nathan Mick, MD
Christopher Motyl, DO
Logan Murray, MD
Eileen Poulin, MD
Victoria Rogers, MD
Simmons Thomas, MD
Andreas Thyssen, MD

Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine and Community Preceptors

Lucy Amory, MD
Laura Blaisdell, MD, MPH
Catherine Curry, MD
Dayle Dewey, MD
Steve Donnelly, DO
Jennifer Dubail, MD
Fred Emerson, MD
Karen Emery, MD
Heather Emery, MD
Jonathan Fanburg, MD, M.P.H.
Robert Faucette, MD
Melanie Fitzsimmons, MD
James Foster, MD
Carrie Gordon, MD
Timothy Hawkins, MD
Jane Ho, MD
Mary Jennings, MD
Stephanie Joy, MD
Jill Kerekes, MD
Brock Libby, MD
Abby Markham, MD
Erin Morneault, DO
Eugene Paluso, MD
Amanda Powell, MD
Jennifer Power, MD
Paul Ritger, MD
Jessica Rosenthal, MD
Edward Silco, DO
Laura Schwindt, MD
Andrew Tenenbaum, DO
Lynne Tetreault, MD
Erin Van Wagenen, MD
Emily Wesolowski, MD
Genevieve Whiting, MD
Margaret Zamboni, DO

Division of Child Abuse

Amanda Brownell, MD

Division of Adolescent Medicine

Jonathan Fanburg, MD, M.P.H.
Brock Libby, MD

Division of Allergy/Immunology

Barbara A. Chilmonczyk, MD
Jonathan J. Musmand, MD
Ivan Cardona, MD

Division of Behavioral/Developmental Pediatrics

Carol Hubbard, MD
Elizabeth Barker, MD
Victoria P. Dalzell, MD
Samantha Dunn, DO
Ellen J. Popenoe, Ph.D., MPH

Division of Cardiology

Thomas Miller, MD
Jon P. Donnelly, MD
Michael Hart, MD
Adrian Moran, MD
Shari Wellen, MD

Division of Critical Care

Jason Patregnani, MD
Laura Amar-Dolan, MD
Sandra Bagwell, MD
Michael Ferguson, MBBS
Jillian Gregory, DO
Kristine Pleacher, MD
Michael Zubrow, MD

Division of Endocrinology

Jerrold Olshan, MD
Abby Fleisch, MD
Daniel Nigrin, MD
Jonathan Swartz, MD

Division of Gastroenterology

George Russell, MD
Julia Fritz, MD
Anna Furr, DO
Noah Hoffman, MD
Kevin Sztam, MD

Division of Genetics

Wendy E. Smith, MD
Rosemarie Smith, MD

Division of Hematology/Oncology

Stanley Chaleff, MD
Nadav L. Kastle, MD
Eric Larsen, MD
Sei-Gyung Sze, MD
Ashley Speckhart, MD

Division of Infectious Disease

Carol McCarthy, MD
Amanda Goddard, MD
Jennifer Jubulis, MD

Division of Neonatology

Misty Melendi, MD
Eric Frehm, MD
Jennifer James, MD
Amy McBee, MD
Peter Marro, MD
Kimberly Owen, MD
Alan Picarillo, MD
Gina Trachimowicz, MD
Michael Vozzelli, MD
Allison Zanno, MD

Division of Nephrology

Oliver Fremont, MD
Marie Tanzer, MD
Ronald Zviti, MD, PhD

Division of Neurology

Alexa Craig, MD
Jason Helis, MD
Peter Morrison, MD
Tom Reynolds, DO

Pediatric Palliative Care

Allison Caldwell, MD

Division of Pulmonology

Colby Wyatt, MD, Ph.D.
Anne Marie Cairns, DO
Anne Coates, MD
Thomas E. Mellow, MD

Division of Child Psychiatry

View full Child Psychiatry Faculty listing

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Charles Lord, MD

Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery

Sunil Malhotra, MD

Pediatric Neurosurgery

John Birknes, MD

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Jeffrey L. Berman, MD

Pediatric Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Philip Anson, MD
James Kuhn, MD
Sarah Hoffman, DO
Lucien Ouelette, MD
Michael Pleacher, MD
Jeff Bean, DO
Kate Rutherford, MD

Pediatric Radiology

Andrew B. Landes, MD, FACR
Charles K. Grimes, MD
Jennifer Talmadge, MD

Pediatric Rheumatology

Edward Fels, MD

Pediatric Urology

David Chalmers, MD
Brian M. Jumper, MD
Thomas Kinkead, MD

Pediatric Surgery

Jeffrey Halter, MD
Baird Mallory, MD
Ian Neilson, MD
Kartikey Pandya, MD
Christopher Turner, MD