C-Section | Cesarean Section

If you need a C-section or a C-section is scheduled, you are in good hands with the doctors at MaineHealth. When surgical delivery is necessary, the doctors and hospital staff offer skilled and compassionate care. At MaineHealth we have many providers to help you and your family navigate your labor and delivery.

What is a C-Section?

A C-section is an operation to surgically deliver a baby through the mother’s abdomen. Sometimes a C-section is needed for the mother’s health or the baby’s health. A C-section may be planned in advance, or it may need to be done emergently if there are problems during labor.

What is recovery after a C-Section?

Your hospital stay may last between three to five days. Before you go home, your nurse will show you how to take care of the incision and support your abdomen. You will need to rest and take it easy, but usually you can back to your normal routine in about two weeks. Sometimes you will be given pain medication to take for a few days.

Help with high-risk pregnancies

The Maine Medical Partners Maternal-Fetal medicine clinic provides expert care for high-risk pregnancies. The focus is on keeping Mom and baby healthy and safe.