Woman holding baby

Family Birth Centers

The birth of a child is a wonderful, life-changing event, which is why MaineHealth provides a nurturing and comfortable environment for you, your baby and the entire family. You'll find medical expertise, compassionate care and advanced technology at all of our birthing centers—so you can focus on the labor and delivery of your newborn.

High-quality childbirth services, close to home:

  • Education: Extensive pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education opportunities
  • Flexibility: Options to meet your needs and preferences for the entire birth plan, from pain management to visiting hours
  • Peace of mind: Fast access to Maine’s largest, level three, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), if needed
  • Support: Experienced lactation consultants

As you plan for your delivery, we encourage you to take a tour of your local MaineHealth birthing center.

Our convenient family birth center locations include:

Southern Maine

  Western Maine and New Hampshire

Mid Coast Maine

Harold Alfond® Scholarships & Grants

All babies born in Maine are eligible to receive a $500 grant through the Alfond Scholarship Foundation. Beloved Maine philanthropist Harold Alfond, launched this program to ensure access to higher education for Maine children.

Kangaroo Care

Skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, is highly recommended for newborns. When held directly on a parent's chest, the baby can hear and feel their parent's breathing and voice. This can help a baby adjust to life outside the womb.