Natural Childbirth

Having a natural childbirth can mean different things to different women. A natural childbirth usually means delivering a baby with little to no medical intervention. Doctors and nurses in labor and delivery at MaineHealth fully support moms who want to have a natural child birth experience and will partner with them to support their birth plan.

Natural childbirth methods

Natural childbirth often means that women in labor opt not to have medical interventions such as epidurals. Alternative techniques women may opt for during labor include:

  • Whirlpools

  • Lamaze

  • Hypno- Birthing

  • Birthing tubs

  • Moving around freely

  • Changing labor positions

  • Birthing balls

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Distraction

Check with your doctor, nurse midwife or local hospital to find out what natural labor and delivery options are available to you at childbirth.


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