Maine Medical Center
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Leadership Faculty

Adult Psychiatry Faculty

Geriatric Psychiatry Faculty

Rural Psychiatry Faculty

Emergency and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Division Faculty

Inpatient Faculty and Staff

Child Psychiatry Faculty

Other Clinicians Affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry

  • Debra Baeder, Ph.D.
  • Francine Blattner, MD
  • Gordon H. Clark Jr., MD
  • Ruth Frydman, MD
  • Michael D. Garnett, MD
  • Bernard J. Gordon, MD
  • Thomas J. Lantos, MD
  • Ann LeBlanc, Ph.D.
  • David B. Lobozzo, MD
  • George N. McNeil, MD
  • David Moltz, MD
  • John L. Newcomb, MD
  • Alexandar Raev, MD
  • Malcolm Rogers, MD
  • Joseph E. Rubin, MD
  • William Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • John P. Scamman, MD
  • Cynthia G. Sortwell, MD
  • Stephen Stern, Psy.D
  • Carlyle B. Voss, MD
  • Barbara J. Wood, MD