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Family Birth Center

Our Approach to Care

At MaineHealth, each of our birthing centers provides a nurturing and comfortable environment for Mom, her baby and the entire family. We offer medical expertise, compassionate care and support, so that women and their partners can focus on childbirth and their newborns.

At MaineHealth, our birthing centers provide excellent medical expertise and top-notch technology to make sure that a woman’s labor and delivery go as smoothly as possible.  Expectant mothers are encouraged to take tours of birthing centers.

MaineHealth supports skin-to-skin care for newborns

Skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, is a common care method for newborns. Parents hold their baby on their chest so the baby can hear and feel his or her parent's breathing and voice. Skin-to-skin contact can help a baby adjust to life outside the womb.

Family Birth Centers at MaineHealth

MaineHealth has seven birthing centers in hospitals across the MaineHealth system.    

The Family Birth Center at Maine Medical Center includes the largest Level 3 NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in the state. Services include:

  • Experienced physicians and nurses

  • Advanced technology

  • Private birthing rooms with individual bathrooms, hot tubs, and comfortable couches for guests

  • Special menu to order from at any hour

  • Lactation consultants

  • Parent and childbirth education

The Birthing Suite at Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford offers relaxing whirlpools, massage, and other techniques to minimize pain during labor. We can connect parents with a certified doula if they wish to have one during their birth experience.  

  • Experienced physicians and nurses

  • Private rooms

  • Certified lactation consultants

  • Welcoming environment for spouses, partners and family members.  A couch is provided for guests.

  • Room service

  • Community education classes focused on pregnancy, child birth, and newborn care.

The Family Birthplace at Stephens Memorial Hospital provides support and safety for mothers-to-be and their babies. We want your birthing experience to go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.
  • Up-to-date birthing technologies

  • Private birthing rooms with private bathrooms and cable television.

  • Breastfeeding counselors and lactation consultants

  • Room service

  • Pregnancy and parenting classes.

The Family Birthing Unit at Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington, Maine, is designed for the mother, baby, and significant other to be able to sleep in the same room. We offer many birthing options, and encourage mothers-to-be to create their birth plan so that everything is in place when it is time to have the baby.

  • Knowledgeable staff passionate about caring for women during labor and childbirth.

  • High-tech equipment for quality care

  • Birthing units with warm-water tub to ease the pain during labor

  • Nurses who help moms learn to breastfeed

  • Parent and childbirth classes to prepare for labor, delivery, and parenthood.

The Birth Center at Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport, Maine, is a home-away-from home for women and their partners. Birthing suites are private rooms where family members are encouraged to participate in the birthing event.

  • Experienced doctors, maternity nurses and certified midwives
  • High-tech equipment to enhance care
  • Private birthing suites with Jacuzzi tub and sofa for guests
  • Childbirth and parenting classes
  • Certified lactation consultants
  • Skin to skin contact with baby after delivery
  • Compassionate nurses
The Birthing Center at Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast is designed to provide new mothers and their babies with comfort and privacy. We know that childbirth is full of intense emotions, and we want to make your experience as smooth as possible. 
  • Two large birthing rooms with whirlpool tubs available for our patients in labor.
  • Four postpartum rooms; each has a flat-screen TV, telephone, rocking chair, and private bathroom.
  • Parent and parent-to-be education classes

The Family Birthing Center at Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH, is newly renovated, and mothers-to-be have access to whirlpool tubs, comfortable furniture, and even small kitchenettes.

  • Experienced physicians specializing in obstetrics, pediatrics, and family practice.

  • Nurses certified in midwifery, obstetrics, childbirth education, and lactation.

  • Mothers set their own visiting hours, so they are able to rest.

  • Nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) to relieve pain during labor.

  • Pre- and post-natal education and support systems for new families.

At LincolnHealth - Miles Maternity, we partner with expectant parents for the highest-quality birthing experience with expertise and compassionate care. Highlights include:

  • Expectant parents are involved in health care decisions. We partner with you.
  • Private rooms for the most comfortable stay.
  • Newborns stay with their parents. We keep baby with moms.
  • Nursing care extends to both mom and newborn.
  • Your partner or spouse will need some rest, too. A cot is provided.