PET Scan

PET scans show how well your body is functioning. Your doctor may order PET scans to see changes in your body or the progress of treatments.

What is a PET scan?  

A positron emissions tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test used to diagnose diseases in the body. PET scans reveal the size, shape, location and function of an organ or structure in the body.

A special dye that has a small amount of radioactive material is given to the patient to help provide a better view of organs and tissues.

PET scan helps diagnose and assess things like:

  • Organ changes
  • Organ function issues
  • Infections
  • Blood flow
  • Lung masses
  • Heart problems
  • Brain disorders
  • Cancers

PET scan risks  

PET scans are safe and effective.

PET scans can expose patients to a small amount of radiation in the special dye. It leaves the body soon after the testing is complete.

The radiation exposure is minimal compared to other procedures and treatments.

Pregnant women or women who breastfeed should consult their doctor ahead of time to decide if a PET scan is the best option.