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Joint Replacement

Joint Center of Excellence

Stephens Memorial Hospital has teamed with the Orthopedic Surgeons on staff to bring you a knee and hip replacement program here in Norway. At the Joint Center for Excellence you'll have the convenience of being close to home, your family and friends, as well as an information-packed Joint Camp to help you prepare for you for surgery. Not to mention, you will have excellent care during your stay here with us.

Why Miss Out on the Things You Love to Do?

Let our team approach to joint replacement get you back in the game of life. For more information please contact Stephens Memorial Hospital Physical Rehabilitation Department at 207-744-6160.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Don't miss out on the things you love. Orthopedic Surgeons on staff at Stephens Memorial Hospital offering joint replacement here in Norway. Exceptional care, close to home.

Joint Camp at Stephens Memorial Hospital

Joint Camp is available to all patients who are having knee or hip replacement at Stephens Memorial Hospital. These are two hour education classes where Registered Nurses, an Occupational Therapist, and a Physical Therapist will discuss:

  • The basics of surgery
  • How to prepare for your surgery
  • What to do when you get home
  • Home safety tips
  • How to use devices that will help you around the house, in the bathroom and outdoors
  • Q&A - specific to your joint replacement

"Joint Camp provided me with all the information I needed to be prepared for surgery.  Everyone I met was pleasant, caring and willing to take the time to answer my questions.  I would recommend this program to anyone." - Evelyn Maxfield, Joint Camp Participant

A Joint Camp Coach is a family member or friend who helps you through the period of surgery and recovery. Your Joint Camp Coach will attend appointments and classes with you, help prepare your home, and visit you in the hospital to learn how to help you after your discharge.

Having a coach is not required, but we strongly recommend you have a coach to improve your success.


We have teamed with the best surgeons in the area who use modern, minimally-invasive techniques for your quicker recovery. Usual length of stay is 3 days or less!

What you can expect to find:

  • Private rooms
  • Excellent client-to-nurse ratio
  • Effective pain control
  • Personal guidance through the steps to complete recovery
  • Customized care close to home
  • Doctors closely involved with your team of nurses, therapists, and support staff.

An excellent rehabilitation team is an essential part of a successful joint replacement program. Stephens Memorial Hospital's joint replacement team has skilled and experienced Physical and Occupational therapists. Together, the therapists and nurses teach "Joint Camp" class prior to surgery. This class helps prepare patients for their joint replacement experience by giving them a better understanding of what to expect before, during and after surgery. 

In the hospital, therapists help patients practice activities of daily living to make for a smooth transition home. These activities might include the following: dressing, walking, getting in and out of the shower, up and down stairs, and even how to safely get in and out of your vehicle! The therapists also help with "discharge planning" as you get equipment and further therapy appointments arranged. 

In addition, patients practice home exercises to increase strength and improve balance. Patients can even continue rehabilitation with the same familiar faces here in our outpatient therapy department. All this practice and planning are key to a successful recovery and that smooth home transition.

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