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Surgical Services

General Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, & Robotic Assisted Surgery

When you need surgery, choose an experienced local team backed by the quality and expertise of the MaineHealth system.

From minor procedures to cancer care and weight loss surgery, SMHC Surgery has you covered with a comprehensive team of specialists providing inpatient and day surgery close to home.

SMHC also offers minimally invasive robotic surgery featuring the da Vinci X1 robot in our community. SMHC is committed to continually bringing our patients the safest and most advanced technology. Some benefits experienced by patients who have undergone robot-assisted surgery include:

  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Less Pain
  • Less Scarring
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Quicker Return to Normal Daily Activities

Talk to your doctor about the benefits of robotic surgery, and whether you qualify.

Contact Us

For more information about SMHC Surgery call 207-284-2630.

The da Vinici X1 robot is a surgical system with three parts:

  • Surgeon console - the control center where surgeon sits to perform the operation.
  • Patient cart - holds the camera and surgical instruments the surgeon controls from the console.
  • Vision cart - manages the communication between all the system components and provides a screen for the care team to view the operation.

How is it use by surgeons?

  • During robotic-assisted surgery the surgeon makes a few small incisions, and uses a 3DHD camera for a crystal-clear, magnified view.
  • The surgeon sits at a console next to the patient and operates through the incisions using tiny instruments and the camera.
  • The da Vinci X1 robot translates every hand movement the surgeon makes in real-time, bending and rotating the instruments.
  • The dual console potentially allows two surgeons to work together during one surgery for the most complex cases.


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