Plastic Surgery | Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery helps to repair the body. It restores form and function. Plastic surgeons rebuild or reconstruct damaged parts of the body.

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery helps to improve function and appearance on parts of the body that are abnormal or damaged. People may need reconstructive surgery because of injury, disease, birth defects or following other surgeries, including cancer surgery.

Who needs reconstructive surgery?

People may have reconstructive surgery for the following problems and/or conditions:

  • Cleft lip or palate

  • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy

  • Deviated septum

  • Injuries

  • Face or other area is repaired after tumor removal

  • Surgery complications

Children who have had reconstructive surgery may need another surgery as they grow and their body changes. It is important to follow up with your child’s doctor.

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