Waldo County General Hospital
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WCGH's Diabetes and Medical Nutrition Services offer complete diabetes education, targeted nutrition counseling and intensive medication management. 

Diabetes Education

Learn more about diabetes care, services and nutrition through our MaineHealth educational services page. 

Diabetes education classes are for people newly diagnosed with diabetes and for those who need follow-up for basic self management. Few diseases call for as much self-care as diabetes. And few diseases have so much comprehensive information patients must learn for successful management. Our diabetes education classes provide information that is easily adaptable to your lifestyle.

Our diabetes nurse and dietitian educators offer classes in group sessions and individual sessions to help patients gain the everyday skills needed to manage diabetes successfully.
Those with Type 1, Type 2, gestational and newly diagnosed diabetes will find the assistance they need to create an individualized diabetes self-management plan.

A physician focused on diabetes treatment will work with you and your primary care provider to help manage your diabetes medications.
We can help with:

  • Lifestyle changes, including meal planning and exercise to reduce the need for medication
  • Weight management
  • Blood glucose self-monitoring and evaluation
  • Recognizing and treating low blood sugar
  • Foot and eye care
  • Insulin pump therapy
  • Nutrition information to help manage cholesterol levels and high blood pressure and to promote wound healing
  • Diabetes management during pregnancy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is provided by a licensed registered dietitian.

MNT is the creation of an individualized nutrition treatment or therapy based on a detailed assessment of a person’s medical history, psychosocial history, physical examination and dietary history. The nutrition assessment will determine the need for therapy, develop a therapy plan and evaluate the effectiveness of therapy. MNT is used to treat an illness or condition or to prevent or delay disease or complications from disease. For more information and to register for a class, please call 207-505-4369.

A physician referral is required to attend class; your physician’s office may fax the referral to 207-930-2550.