Waldo County General Hospital
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Audiology & Hearing

Our licensed and certified audiologists provide hearing care services for adults and children, including infants over 6 months.

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Audiology and Hearing is located at Waldo County General Hospital.


Determines the current status of one’s hearing. Age appropriate play techniques as well as objective tests such as otoacoustic emissions and immittance measures are used with infants and young children.
Assesses the vestibular or balance system.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Determines the need for and potential benefits of hearing aid use.

Selection and Dispensing of Hearing Aids

Many brands and styles of state-of-the art instruments are available. Factors unique to each person are considered when choosing hearing aids, including but not limited to the severity of the hearing loss, one’s lifestyle and communication needs, personal preferences and finances.

Hearing Aid Orientation and Rehabilitation

Includes instruction in the proper use of hearing aids or other assistive devices in order to derive optimal benefit. Counseling of patients and family members or significant others regarding the effects of hearing loss on daily communication and strategies for improving communication is also provided. 

Hearing Aid Accessories

Includes batteries, cleaning tools and dri-boxes. Custom earmolds, swimplugs and noise protectors.