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Infectious Disease Care | Travel Medicine

MaineHealth provides expert infectious disease and travel medicine services in three convenient Southern Maine locations. Your care will remain completely confidential.

MaineHealth Adult Specialty Care Gilman St Portland provides preventive care and treatment for patients with infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Our team includes infectious disease and liver specialists, advanced care specialty nurses, social workers, behavioral health professionals, pharmacists and nutritionists. Together, we provide advanced infectious disease care, individualized treatment plans and personal attention to the complex needs of our patients.

We work closely with primary care providers and community service organizations across the region to coordinate patient support beyond infectious disease care. We assess each patient's complete medical situation and recommend preventive care, such as immunizations. We also provide access to clinical trials of new treatments options. Services include:

MaineHealth Adult Specialty Care Gilman St Portland
48 Gilman ST
Portland, ME 04102
Phone: 207-661-4400
Fax: 207-810-2363

  • Epic users may refer using AMB code: REF2750
  • Non-Epic users may fax referral to: 207-810-2363

MaineHealth Infectious Disease South Portland specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases for adults. Our team includes specialty-trained and board-certified physicians. A primary care physician referral is required to schedule an appointment.

Travel medicine consultations are available for anyone planning, or returning from, travel in another country. Our board-certified tropical and infectious disease physicians are state-certified providers for yellow fever vaccine. They will review your itinerary and recommend appropriate vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis, food and water precautions, and educational material.

An important part of preparing for travel is immunizations. Immunization decisions are based on individualized considerations, such as your general state of health, travel destination, planned activities, and length of stay. Some vaccinations require several doses, spaced weeks apart, to provide maximum protection. We recommend an appointment at least 6 weeks before your departure date. Some illnesses can emerge weeks after returning home. Please contact us if you experience symptoms after travel such as intestinal illness, fever or rash.

MaineHealth Infectious Disease South Portland
41 Donald B Dean Drive, Suite B
South Portland, ME 04106
Phone: 207-661-7901

  • Physicians can fax referrals to 207-661-7902
  • Epic users can refer using AMB Referral Code: REF1094

Whether traveling for fun or for business, for a short or long stay, travelers can take advantage of the unique expertise and comprehensive services provided by MaineHealth Infectious Disease Biddeford. Our practice offers consultation and vaccines for anyone planning to travel abroad. Ideally, travelers should schedule their appointment at least 6 weeks before travelling; however, anyone seeking services for last-minute travel are encouraged to call as well.

A care team member will contact you prior to your appointment to review your itinerary, and ensure that the appropriate vaccinations, malaria prevention, food and water precautions, and educational material are recommended. The appointment, usually an hour, includes counseling and education, prescriptions, and vaccines.

We also consult with travelers with special needs such as those who are pregnant, immunocompromised, traveling with children, missionaries, health care providers traveling to provide disaster relief, foreign-born travelers returning to visit friends or relatives, or travelers involved in international adoptions.

Some illnesses can emerge weeks after returning home. Travelers are encouraged to contact us in the event of post-travel intestinal illnesses, fevers or rashes. Insurance reimbursement for travel medicine services varies widely, with many insurance plans not covering this service. Payment is due at the time of service. 

MaineHealth Infectious Disease Biddeford
2 Medical Center Drive
Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone: 207-294-8410

We accept most major insurances, Mainecare and Medicare. Patients may be eligible for our Free Care Program based on family size and gross annual income. Inability to pay for care will never prevent you from receiving medically-necessary services. MaineHealth offers financial counseling and programs that can assist you with your health care bill. Learn more.

MaineHealth Adult Specialty Care Gilman St Portland is the only clinic of its kind in Maine. We offer on-site health care provider training and mentoring for a variety of health care disciplines, including:

• Physicians
• Nurse practitioners
• Nurses
• Pharmacists
• Nutritionists
• Social workers

Training is provided by experienced practitioners in the fields of infectious disease, gastroenterology, family medicine and behavioral health.

Each month we offer a virtual didactic and case review session to health center sites across the state of Maine. This allows health care providers from any location to work with experts in the field on a care plan for their patient. Learn more about Project ECHO.

MaineHealth Adult Specialty Care Gilman St Portland is also an active regional partner of the New England AIDS Education and Training Center, offering a variety of outreach educational activities related to HIV/AIDS, co-infection and prevention.