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Nationally Accredited Breast Screening

SMHC offers women screening and diagnostic mammography services that have been nationally recognized by the American College of Radiology. Traditional 2D mammography and the latest in breast screening technology, 3D mammography, are available. We recommend that women age 40 and older have an annual screening mammography to maintain good breast health.

Women without a primary care provider currently living in Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Arundel, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Sanford, Springvale, Lebanon, Shapleigh, Newfield, North Waterboro, East Waterboro, Waterboro, or Alfred, are now eligible to schedule a mammogram at SMHC.

For more information or to schedule a mammography call 207-283-7171.

3D Mammography

It's the gold standard in breast imaging

The Gold Standard of Breast Imaging

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), also called 3D mammography is the gold standard of breast imaging. DBT is very similar to a regular mammogram. The technologist will compress your breast and take images from many angles, making a layered three-dimensional image. The radiologist is then able to view the breast one thin layer at a time, almost like turning the pages in a book. This means greater detail in each image. DBT is recommended for all types of breast density, although it is especially effective for imaging dense breasts.

The benefits of DBT:

  • Improved cancer detection rates, especially for invasive cancers
  • The same or slightly lower x-ray does than a regular digital mammogram
  • A decrease in call-backs for more imaging

DBT is not necessary for everyone, and is not covered by all insurances, so please ask your doctor if this is right for you.

Convenient Locations Close to Home

3D Mammography is available in:

Center for Breast Care
SMHC Medical Center
1 Medical Center Drive

Coming soon to Sanford!

2D Mammography is available in:

Center for Breast Care
SMHC Medical Center
1 Medical Center Drive

9 Health Care Drive

2 Livewell Drive - North Tower

Goodall Medical Office Building
25A June Street

To schedule an appointment for a mammogram, please call 207-283-7171 or speak with your primary care doctor.