Tuberculosis Test

Have you traveled to an area where you may have been exposed to tuberculosis? Talk to your doctor about getting screened for tuberculosis.

What is Tuberculosis Testing?

There are tests to find out if you have been infected with TB bacteria or if you have TB. TB testing includes:

  • A skin or blood test will that can tell if you have been exposed to the TB bacteria.
  • A chest X-ray if the TB test comes back positive.  This will rule out active TB.  
  • A CT scan of the chest may be needed for further review after the physician reviews the chest x-ray. 
  • If the patient has a productive cough a sputum test may be ordered to determine if the TB germ is in the lungs. 
  • A blood test to check the liver. If a medication is prescribed by the doctor, they want to make sure your liver is healthy.  

Who Should Have a TB Test?

Consider getting a TB test if:

  • You’ve had close or repeated contact with someone who has TB
  • You have lived or traveled in a country where a lot of people have TB
  • You work or have lived in places where you come in contact with a lot of people who may be sick or ill, such as nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, prisons, jails, or homeless shelters
  • You have HIV or a weakened immune system.

Contact your doctor if you think you need testing for tuberculosis. Together, you can decide which testing method is best for you.