Hearing Test

Hearing loss can impact your ability to interact with others and fully enjoy life. Our expert audiologists work with your primary care provider to identify and treat hearing loss.

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test measures how well a person can hear. It is an in-depth test that can identify the type of hearing loss and the best treatment options.  A hearing test is done by a qualified audiologist.

Diagnosing hearing problems

A hearing screening is often done by a primary care provider as a first step to find out if you have a hearing problem. There are many reasons for a healthcare provider to do a hearing screening:

  • Anyone who is concerned about hearing loss can have a hearing screening.

  • Almost all newborns born in Maine are screened for hearing loss as part of the Maine Newborn Hearing Program. 

  • Children are often routinely screened for hearing loss by their doctor during well child visits.

  • Hearing loss is common as people age. Older adults are often screened for hearing loss.

If your provider has concerns, he or she may refer you to a certified audiologist for a more in-depth hearing test by an audiologist. 

Hearing loss treatment

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with hearing loss, treatment may include a cochlear implant or hearing aid. Some people may regain hearing through surgery. Patients with hearing loss also may receive speech therapy.