Assisted Listening Devices

An assisted listening device, or ADL, helps people with hearing problems hear better. At MaineHealth our audiologists provide complete hearing care, including helping you find the right ADL for your needs.

What is an assisted listening device?

An assisted listening device, or assisted listening system, is a tool to bring sounds more directly into the ear to make them easier to hear. They also reduce background noise and make the sounds people want to hear, such as voices, louder. An ALD has three parts:

  • A microphone

  • A transmitter to send the sound to the ear

  • A receiver to bring the sound into the ear

Who can use an assisted listening device?

An assisted listening device can be used for anyone who has trouble hearing, whether they have full or mild hearing loss.

There are many types of ADL including:

  • FM Systems- These use radio broadcast to transmit sounds

  • Infrared Systems- These use light waves to transmit sound.

  • Inductive Loop Systems- These use magnetic field to transmit sound.

Will my hospital or doctor’s office provide me with an ADL?

Under the Americans for Disabilities Act, MaineHealth organizations are required to make ADLs available to patients at no charge while they are using our health services.