Mental Health Crisis Services

There are many options for people in need of immediate behavioral health care. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your local hospital emergency department.

Support Options

Primary Care

Outpatient Care

Emergency BH Care

Immediate care for conditions
that are not life-threatening but
need to be addressed quickly.
The go-to place for managing
your behavioral health care.
Psychiatry, counseling and/or
case management services. May
require a referral from your PCP.  
Immediate care for life-threatening
conditions, including substance
use/overdose or desire to harm
self or others.
 Always Open
Open weekdays, some
have late, early and weekend

Open weekdays, some clinics
have early and late hours

 Always Open

• Online and phone support for
social service resources and
referral information

WARMLINE (866-771-9276)
Talk with peers about:
• Emotional well-being
• Managing stress
• Relationship problems

CRISIS (888-568-1112)
• Immediate help for a mental
health crisis
• Assistance with crisis resolution
and action planning

Good for:
• Depression and anxiety
• Other behavioral health and
substance use problems
• Managing stress
• Support for managing
chronic illness
• Chronic conditions
• Medication management

Good for:
• Depression and anxiety
• Acute/chronic mental
• Relationship problems
• Family crises
• Sexual or physical abuse
• Addictions and substance
use problems
• PTSD & recovery from tragic
• Many other emotional &
mental health difficulties

Call Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Toll Free at 844-292-0111 to make
an appointment.

MOBILE CRISIS (888-568-1112)
• Assistance with crisis
• Assistance determining
need for behavioral health
emergency department visit
or hospital admission

• Significant mental health
• Substance use/overdose

Crisis Response at Local Hospitals

Our compassionate and specially-trained crisis responders are available at hospitals throughout the MaineHealth system to provide crisis assessments upon admission. Find our staff at: