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Breast Care

MaineHealth offers complete breast care, including the latest technology for breast imaging and early diagnosis. Care includes specialty clinics and breast care centers close to home for maintaining breast health. We also have teams of breast cancer specialists who put your health first.

Whether it’s a routine breast screening or breast biopsy, our breast care specialists provide women with the care they need for breast health.

Skilled breast care

Our network of community doctors, specialists and hospitals ensures that women get the level of breast care they need. Some women choose to get their breast care with their primary care doctor or OB-GYN, while other women visit breast care centers. We have the healthcare resources that women need, as they need them. We provide clinical breast exams and screening mammograms. We also follow up quickly when there is a breast lump or an abnormal mammogram.

Checking breast problems

Women have changes in their breasts over time. Age, hormones, childbirth and even medicines you take can affect your breasts. If you have a breast lump, breast pain, breast discharge or skin irritation on your breast, see your doctor or healthcare provider. Although women often worry they have breast cancer, most breast problems are not cancer. Common breast problems:

  • Fibrocystic breast changes cause lumps, thickness and swelling.

  • Breast cysts are fluid-filled lumps that usually are not cancer.

  • Fibroadenoma is a noncancerous breast tumor that more often is found in younger women.

  • Intraductal papillomas are small growths similar to warts.

  • Blocked milk ducts and mastitis are common in breastfeeding women.

Diagnostic and screening services for breast care

MaineHealth offers the latest technology for diagnosing breast problems and maintain breast health. Early diagnosis is important to treating breast cancer. MaineHealth offers a full range of breast imaging services.

  • Digital screening and digital diagnostic mammography (full field)

  • Breast ultrasound

  • Breast MRI

  • Nuclear medicine

  • Imaging guided breast biopsies

Latest mammogram technology

MaineHealth has the most advanced mammogram services at specialty clinics, breast care clinics and community hospitals, making it convenient to have routine and diagnostic breast exams.