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Behavioral Health

Crisis Response Services

A 24-hour Crisis intervention Hotline for residents of York County. The 24-hour hotline phone number is: 1-888-568-1112.

Emergency Department Acute Psychiatry (EDAP)

SMHC’s Emergency Department Acute Psychiatry Unit (EDAP) in Biddeford and Sanford contracts with Crisis Response Services to provide a 24-hour Crisis intervention. A multi-disciplinary team of crisis workers, psychiatric health nurses and security staff, perform a comprehensive assessment of your needs and reasons for seeking help and design a plan to meet your needs. Follow up with community resources, or assistance with hospitalization is provided. 

Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit – Sanford

The inpatient Behavioral Health Unit in Sanford - a 40 bed, locked unit that provides a 24 hour treatment program designed to provide care for adults ages 18-95 in acute psychiatric crisis. The multidisciplinary team treats individuals experiencing major mental illnesses and addiction related problems. The program includes voluntary and involuntary levels of care. A team of mental health professionals plan and work together with the patient to provide psychiatric care, medical treatment, support, referral for follow-up care, and opportunities for learning and emotional growth. The team includes nursing, psychiatry, social work and case management. Programming on the mental health unit includes daily clinical groups in CBT and DBT, a therapeutic milieu, art therapy, medication management, and recreational activities. Access to AA meetings is also available. Family members are encouraged to participate in the planning of aftercare for the individual and to participate in a family meeting. Relapse prevention and follow up with outpatient community services is emphasized.

A Patient Story

George Higgins - SMHC helped me beat addiction

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