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Patients & Visitors

Whether you are a patient or a visitor, we want your experience at Stephens Memorial Hospital to be as pleasant as possible. The information below should answer many of your questions. And once you arrive, our care team members are here to help in person. We look forward to providing you and your loved ones with a supportive and healing health care experience.

Patient registration

Central registration is located through the main entrance of the hospital and to your right. Please bring your insurance card(s) and a photo ID Card. A member of our care team will assist you in the registration process. Questions? Please call 207-743-5933 ext. 6604. In case of emergency, call 911 and seek care immediately.

Visiting hours are Monday – Sunday 8 am – 8 pm

Visiting hours and policies can change based on federal and state guidelines. Stephens reserves the right to limit visitation due to operational, space or crowding concerns that may interfere with the care of the patient and/or the care of other patients. Exceptions to the visitation hours may be made to accommodate obstetrical patients, and all other admissions, discharges and care planning discussions. Additional requests will be coordinated through the unit charge/nurse leader.  All visitors need to check-in at the front desk and will be issued visitor badges to wear while in the hospital.

Masking is no longer required throughout our facilities except in certain cases (see below); anyone can mask at their discretion and Stephens will make masks available.

If visitors have a new or worsening sore throat, cough, shortness of breath or fever, or if they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days, they are asked to wear a mask at all times in the facility, including patient rooms, and to consider not visiting the hospital at this time.

Masks will still be required in areas and circumstances where appropriate; standard and transmission-based precautions must be followed, including interactions with COVID-positive patients.

All visitors and escorts:

  1. Should perform hand hygiene prior to entering and upon leaving the patient’s room/care area;
  2. May wear a procedural mask at all times while in the facility, including patient rooms;
  3. Should cover mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing, use and dispose of tissues and perform hand hygiene after contact with respiratory secretions.

The hospital cafeteria is closed to visitors.

Please note: Weapons of any kind are prohibited from all MaineHealth facilities and locations.

The term “advance directive” means any spoken or written instructions you give about the health care you want if a time comes when you are too ill to decide. Should you become too ill to make choices about your care, an advance directive can help others know what to do and give them peace of mind. Documenting your health care wishes spares loved ones the burden of making tough end of life decisions. By completing an advance directive, you can identify treatments you want/don’t want, state your wishes about donating your body, organs and/or tissues at death, outline your wishes about burial and funeral arrangements, and even state your wishes about resuscitation.

Anyone's health status can change suddenly. So even if you’re in good health, it’s still important to make sure your health care team knows your wishes. Don’t wait until there’s a crisis. And don’t wait for your doctor to bring it up. Get started now! Learn more about advance directives.

Healthy Options Available 24/7

The Café at Stephens features a self-service coffee bar and vending machines with healthy food options prepared by the Stephens Memorial Hospital Food and Nutrition Services department. The Café is open 24/7 allowing us to provide better service to our patients, visitors and staff. The area located by the main entrance of the hospital, features comfortable seating and access to Wi-Fi for a more relaxing atmosphere for our patients and visitors.
Our secure online patient portal helps you connect with your care team, schedule appointments, view test results and more. Learn more about MyChart.
Each time you visit a hospital or go to the doctor or other health care provider, your health information is recorded. This is called your medical record. It may be kept in a computer or paper folder with your name on it. The policy of each of our member organizations is to keep your health information safe. Learn more about patient rights and privacy.

At MaineHealth, the privacy of your health information is a top priority. All MaineHealth locations follow strict guidelines that secure your medical records in accordance with your rights, and with federal and state regulations. You, or your legal representative, have the right to inspect and obtain a copy of your medical records. We do not offer walk-in services but can provide records electronically, on paper, on a USB flash drive, or on a compact disc (CD). Upon request, we will also send a copy of your medical records to another health care provider.

Request a copy of your medical records.

Billing & Financial Services

Pay a bill online, get help with billing questions, learn about financial assistance and more.

Telehealth | Virtual Care

Telehealth helps you manage your health and stay connected to your care team, even when you can't leave your home.