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Sussman House At Dusk

Hospice Care at the Sussman House

When a loved one with a terminal illness needs help with pain control and symptom management, an inpatient hospice facility such as the Sussman House may be the solution. Located on the Pen Bay Medical Center campus in Rockport, the Sussman House provides care for people whose symptoms are not well managed at home. In partnership with MaineHealth Care at Home, the Sussman House provides advanced hospice services in a caring, home-like setting that promotes dignity and quality of life.

What is hospice care?

Hospice services provide compassionate medical support, comfort, and peace for patients in their final stage of life. The goal is to relieve distressing symptoms of serious illness so patients and their loved ones can make the most of their remaining time together. Sussman House clinical staff are available around the clock to administer medications and deliver treatments under the supervision of a physician. Services include:

  • Management of pain and other symptoms of terminal illness
  • Respite care that allows primary caregivers to take a much-deserved break
  • Education about the disease process that helps patients and family members adjust to medical changes
  • Counseling and emotional support
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • Telehealth video-consultations

How long can a patient stay and who can visit?

The Sussman House provides short-term care with an average length of stay between three and seven days. Once a patient’s symptoms are under control, medical staff will work with family members and loved ones to transition the patient to in-home hospice care or to another facility. During the patient stay, family and friends may visit 24/7. Each patient suite has a pull-out couch for overnight visits, if desired. There is a play area for children in the facility and pets are also welcome (on leash or in a carrier). Members of the clergy and patient primary care physicians are encouraged to visit as well.

Tour the House

Watch a short video to see inside our caring, comfortable, home-like facility.

Support the House

MaineHealth Care at Home

In addition to hospice services, MaineHealth Care at Home provides home health care, rehabilitative care, telehealth services and more. Learn more about how we can support you or a family member.

How can I help?

There are many volunteer opportunities at the Sussman House including: flower arranging, gardening, baking, visiting with patients and families, or greeting visitors from the reception desk. Financial donations are also welcome.