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Case Management

Case management is a supported service designed to improve the quality of life for individuals who have behavioral health or special developmental needs. Case managers determine the person’s strengths and needs and then help identify and access resources and services to promote independence and integration in the community.

Together with the client and her or his team, the case manager helps identify the person’s strengths and needs. A treatment plan is then developed that builds on those strengths to meet the identified needs. Our services promote physical and mental wellness as well as individual/family independence and success in their community.  We achieve this through mobile outreach, client advocacy, maintenance of basic living needs, assessment of benefits, and linking and monitoring services.

If you are a healthcare professional looking to refer a client to our case management services, please fill in this form and fax to the attention of the Case Management Navigator, 207-874-1044.

Case Management for Adults

If you or a loved one is feeling overwhelmed by the social service system and not sure where to turn for help or services, we can help.

  • Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a mental illness or developmental disorder?
  • Struggling at home, school, at work or in the community?
  • Are you worried about your or a loved one’s behavior and moods?
  • Having difficulty getting along with others?
  • Have you or a loved one experienced a traumatic event?

If so, we can help adults thrive at home, at work and in their communities by:

  • Connecting with natural supports and community resources.
  • Helping navigate the systems of behavioral and medical care.
  • Coordinating services and streamlining communication between multiple providers.
  • Developing and monitoring individualized service plans.

Recovery is a process, beginning with diagnosis and eventually moving into successful management of your illness. Successful recovery involves learning the skills and the treatments available, empowering yourself through the support of peers and family members, and finally moving to a point where you take action to improve your health and wellness and strive to reach your full potential.

Is Case Management right for your child?

If you feel overwhelmed by the social service system and not sure where to turn for help or services for your child, we can help.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Has your child been diagnosed with a mental illness or developmental disorder?
  • Is your child struggling at home or at school?
  • Are you worried about your child’s behavior and moods?
  • Does your child have difficulty getting along with others?
  • Has your child experienced a traumatic event?

Our Case Managers can provide the support you need!

Program activities include:

  • Assessment – identifying strengths and needs through personal contact and consultation with other providers.
  • Care Plan – determining what services and resources are necessary and how they can best be delivered.
  • Connection – locating appropriate services and resources, and then facilitating referrals and access.
  • Coordination – ensuring quality, consistency and communication among the multiple service providers.
  • Monitoring – assessing progress, typically twice a month, in personal contacts with child and family.
  • Evaluation – determining when a new plan is necessary or whether services should be terminated.
  • Primary Care - linking our treatment plan with those of your child's primary care doctor.

Our Team Approach

With a team approach, your case manager works with you, your child and other members of the team that could include a nurse, clinical team leader, peer support specialist, primary care provider and/or your child’s school. We can help you locate and coordinate services to support your child and your family.


We can help locate and coordinate services to support you, a loved one and family members.

Maine Behavioral Healthcare is a leading provider of case management services, in addition to offering a full range of counseling and other mental health and substance use treatment services. Case management is offered at our locations in BelfastBiddefordSouth Portland (CADD)Damariscotta, FarmingtonNorwayPortlandRockland, and Springvale.

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