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Pen Bay Urology offers complete urological services, close to home. Our urologists are surgical specialists who also treat certain conditions affecting the prostate, testicles, kidney and bladder in patients of all ages.

Our urologists help resolve health concerns including:

  • Benign enlargement of the prostate (BPH)/voiding issues
  • Impotence/sexual dysfunction
  • Vasectomy/vasectomy reversal
  • Urinary stone disease (kidney, bladder, ureter)
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urologic cancer
State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and radiological expertise at Pen Bay Medical Center helps our urology care team evaluate patient conditions with high accuracy and efficiency.

MaineHealth Urological Services

Learn more about urological services at MaineHealth.

Excellent Urological Care From People you Trust

Our advanced capabilities meet national standards, but our personal touch reminds you that you're close to home. Our care team has experience in a wide range of urological specialties and will take the time to listen to your questions and provide expert answers, information and options.  

In close collaboration with area gynecologists, our urologists use a spectrum of treatment options, from medication and behavior modification to surgery. Options for minimally invasive treatment include collagen injection performed on an outpatient basis.

Urologic Cancer 

These types of cancers threatens the kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, penis, urethra and testicles are potentially life-threatening, but with accurate, early diagnosis and timely treatment they can be overcome. Through our collaborative relationship with Penobscot Bay Medical Center, we operate as a team of urologists or in combination with board-certified general surgeons. This is a higher level of expertise than is offered at other institutions, where resident physicians assist in these procedures.  

Impotence/Sexual Dysfunction

This common condition may be associated with depression, loss of self-esteem and increased anxiety. After a thorough evaluation of a person's medical history, an examination and laboratory tests, we are able to offer successful treatment options ranging from counseling to surgical treatments.

Urinary Stone Disease

Stones cause severe pain, with stones in the kidney, ureter or bladder. Stone come in many forms, so we have a broad array of treatment options. These include medical management, non-invasive extracorporeal shock wave treatment, endoscopic surgical management with laser, minimally invasive percutaneous treatment and, when necessary, open surgery.

We know that sometimes it helps to have the support of someone who knows first-hand what you are experiencing. Through our liaisons with the American Cancer Society, American College of Surgeons and local support, we can help you gain the knowledge and understanding you need to stay healthy. 

What can you do yourself? 

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Know your family medical history
  • Maintain a low-fat, high-fiber diet
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid excess calcium
  • Get plenty of exercise 
  • Laboratory testing for prostate cancer can lead to an important early diagnosis of a life-threatening cancer
  • Incontinence of urine need not be something you live with after childbirth or as you age
  • Erectile dysfunction should be discussed with your doctor and your significant other

We're here to listen to questions about your wellness and to help you find answers. From state-of-the-art equipment to community discussions on preventative health measures, Pen Bay Urology is dedicated to supporting your health and improving the quality of your life. Please call 207-301-5400 if you have questions. 

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