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School Nutrition

Children spend the majority of their day at school and many eat one or more meals, plus snacks, during the school day. School Nutrition Programs play a vital role in the school to ensure students have access to healthy, nutritious foods and students are ready and able to learn.

Let’s Go! works with School Nutrition Programs to increase participation in school meals, the perception of school meals, and continue to improve the nutritional quality of school meals. We provide research-based best practices, resources and support to help school cafeterias make the healthy choice the easy choice.

We will help you assess your school cafeteria, identify areas for improvement, and implement an action plan to meet your unique goals. Our local coordinators, provide training on the evidence-based Smarter Lunchrooms Strategies. By partnering with Let’s Go! you’ll join a network of school nutrition programs just like yours, working to improve the health of our students.

Let's Go! Cafeterias

Is your child’s cafeteria a Let’s Go! Cafeteria? Search our site list to see which schools are using Smarter Lunchroom techniques to nudge students towards healthier options.