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Healthy Eating

A healthy, balanced diet is important to overall health. Aim to eat nourishing whole foods that provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals supporting healthy internal function, and energy to get through the day. Healthy eating is important at every stage of life and the benefits add up over time. Every bite plays an essential part in our lifelong journey to health. Creating a healthy lifestyle starts with the small decisions we make every day with the foods we choose to eat and how we move our bodies.

Registered Dietitian Visits

Are you looking for dietary advice or guidance based on your changing health needs? Are you working towards achieving a healthy weight and need a personalized approach? A great place to start is to connect with a Registered Dietitian. Learn about Registered Dietitian visits as a covered benefit for employees on the MaineHealth health plan and resources for employees not enrolled on the MaineHealth health plan.

Find the Right Resource for You

When it comes to healthy eating and weight management there is no one-size fits-all approach. Some people have success with following MyPlate and others have success with Noom or Weight Watchers. There are a lot of options, many of us could use some support in losing weight and keeping it off. Below are some of our favorite resources that you may want to consider, all of these programs are eligible for WOW! Healthy Payback reimbursement.

  • Check out interactive content including a food diary, exercise log, recipes, and more. Travel to LiveStrong to learn more.
  • Noom: This program offers access to social support, positive reinforcement and accountability coaching, paired together provides help with long-term goal success. Check out the mindful way to eat with Noom’s psychology-based approach.
  • Start Simple App: Build healthy eating habits one goal at a time! Use the Start Simple with MyPlate app to pick daily food goals, join challenges, and earn fun badges. Learn more about the Start Simple with MyPlate app.
  • Weight Watchers: A nutritionally sound program that teaches you practical strategies, healthy eating, balance and portion control in a virtual instructor-led group setting.
  • Reimbursement for Local Produce: If you are trying to eat healthier, consider a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share that supports local farmers and provides you with fresh produce. CSAs have become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from local farmers.

Additional Nutrition and Healthy Eating Resources

  • WOW! Mindful Eating Sessions: Are you craving a positive, rational approach to eating? Check out three mindful eating segments where you will learn strategies to navigate stress eating, make a plan to develop a healthier, more positive relationship with food, and how to successfully implement your plan. Explore the three Mindful Eating sessions and handouts.
  • Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks: Looking for quick tips to integrate healthy eating into your daily routine, or food safety tips? Check out the WOW! Healthy Nutrition Tips and Tricks resource page.
  • Virgin Pulse Healthy Eating Resources: Did you know Virgin Pulse has various opportunities to explore healthy eating tools through the Journey program? Take time to build habits and check out the Healthy Eating Journey sessions on: Smart Portions, More Veggies in No Time, Eat like a Mediterranean, and Fit in More Fruit. To find Journeys, click the "health" tab, and select Journeys. You can also set up your own nutrition guide in the Virgin Pulse platform. Begin by picking your nutrition profile, you will receive healthy tips and great recipes from Foodsmart — just for you. Plus, get extra rewards for tracking with MyFitnessPal! To find the Nutrition Guide on the Virgin Pulse platform, travel to the "benefits" tab, and search "nutrition".

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Health & Well-Being Programs

Take advantage of programs offered throughout the year.
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Healthy Paybacks

Healthy Paybacks puts dollars back in your pocket when you buy healthy foods and participate in wellness activities.
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Employee Assistance Program

HealthAdvocate is a 24/7 free and confidential resource program designed to help you manage whatever challenge you're facing.