Quit Tobacco

Kicking the tobacco habit is the best thing you can do for your health. We know it’s not easy, so WOW! offers a free program to help you live tobacco-free.

Quit For Life Program

The Quit For Life® program is a free tobacco treatment program available to MaineHealth employees and their spouse/partners. You will earn Virgin Pulse points for enrolling in the program and earn points when you complete five calls with a Quit For Life Coach. You will find more information in the Virgin Pulse Ways to Earn Guide on the Virgin Pulse platform.

How will this program help me quit?

Quit For Life uses a mix of proven strategies to help you overcome tobacco addiction:

  • Phone support. You receive 5 planned coaching sessions as well as unlimited access to the Quit Coach® staff for ongoing support for up to one year via phone and live chat.
  • Nicotine patch/gum. You get 8 weeks of nicotine replacement, either a patch or gum, to use in coordination with your quit date.
  • WebCoach® online community. Access an interactive website with a personalized pre-quit/post-quit homepage, medication decision support, tracking tools, e-coaching and reminders. It’s available in English and Spanish.
  • Emails, Text2Quit and mobile app. You get support during the quitting process through personalized emails and texts. Plus, you can use the mobile app to track your progress and stay motivated before and after you quit. Learn more about the the Quit For Life® app.

How can I get started?

To participate in Quit For Life®, call 866-784-8454 or enroll online.

Tobacco users covered under the health plan and paying the tobacco surcharge must complete the Quit For Life® Program (five calls with a tobacco cessation coach) for the fee to be removed. The tobacco fee will be removed within the calendar year it is completed.

MaineHealth will be notified when you have successfully completed the Quit For Life® Program.

Please be aware that the Quit for Life Program is separate from the Maine Tobacco HelpLine and NH Quitline programs. You must enroll and complete the Quit for Life Program to satisfy the tobacco surcharge reimbursement requirement. You will not satisfy this requirement by enrolling and completing the Maine Tobacco HelpLine and NH Quitline programs.

If you do not meet the criteria for the Quit for Life Program, please contact one of the programs below for support and assistance.

Maine QuitLink



QuitNow New Hampshire