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Spiritual Care

Many people look for spiritual care when they experience strong feelings produced by crisis in their lives or the lives of their loved ones. Spiritual well-being is a key aspect of health and wellness. That's why Mid Coast Hospital provides free spiritual support services to all patients, families and care team members of all faiths.

Our spiritual care team is available to all who request assistance at Mid Coast Hospital, Mid Coast Senior Health and CHANS Home Health & Hospice. Services are delivered with the highest standards of compassion and professionalism, and with respect for the beliefs and faith traditions of those served.

Care and Comfort for Those of All Faiths

  • Serve as a supportive presence during your stay
  • Listen to you and offer encouragement
  • Provide support and comfort while making difficult decisions or coping
  • Act as an advocate and help with understanding what is happening
  • Promote healing of the body and spirit

Call 207-373-6378 or speak to your care provider for more information.

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Spiritual Care Services

  • Counsel from professional chaplains: Our professional chaplains visit patients, provide a high level of compassionate spiritual support, interact with the interdisciplinary team and oversee the work of volunteers. Each of these chaplains also has multiple units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), the highly specialized and extensive training used by chaplains worldwide.
  • 24/7 Help from On-Call Chaplains: On-call chaplains are volunteers who have had professional training in spiritual care, (at least one unit of CPE or its equivalent), and who are able to provide professional spiritual care in any situation.
  • Faith-Based Chaplains: Faith-based chaplains are endorsed, or sometimes paid, by their faith communities to give ministry to patients within their own faith tradition.
  • Spiritual Wellness Volunteers: Spiritual Wellness volunteers are members of the community who commit several hours each week to visiting patients, family and staff in the various settings we serve. Most of them are trained through our Spiritual Wellness training program, and have demonstrated their ability to be present and listen compassionately.
  • Sacraments from Eucharistic Ministers: Eucharistic ministers help meet the sacramental needs of those in their own religious traditions, and are trained and overseen by the local parish.

Contact Us

Call us at 207-373-6378 or contact your provider for more information about spiritual care services.

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