Memorial Hospital

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Mission Statement

To serve as a conduit between the Public and the Hospital, and to support Memorial’s efforts to provide compassionate, accessible, state of the art health care.

To create a consistent atmosphere to build loyalty and trust in Memorial Hospital. The committee will also strive to share and learn from others, in an effort to expand the voices of patients and families throughout the Valley.

This council is to be broad based and include patients and family members with a variety of healthcare issues and experiences.

Purpose / Responsibility of the Advisory Council

  • Serves as advisory resource to administration and staff of the organization or one of its programs.
  • Promotes improved relationships between patients, families, and staff.
  • Provides a venue for patients and families to provide input into policy and program development.
  • Provides an opportunity for patients and families to actively participate in the development of new facilities and programs.
  • Channels information, needs, and concerns to staff and administration.
  • Actively helps implement changes.
  • Provides input into the educational program for staff.
  • Collaborates as partners with staff, physicians, and administration in the planning and operation of specific programs.
  • Provides opportunities for staff to listen to their customers.


Benefits of an Advisory Council

  • Provides an effective mechanism for receiving and responding to consumer input.
  • Results in more efficient planning to ensure that services really meet consumer needs and priorities.
  • Leads to increased understanding and cooperation between patients and families and staff.
  • Promotes respectful, effective partnerships between patients and families and professionals.
  • Offers a forum for developing creative, cost effective solutions to problems and challenges faced by the program or organization.
  • Supplies a link between the program, its surrounding community and community groups.
  • Provides increased emotional support and access to information for patients and families.


For more information, call 603-356-5461 ext. 2198.