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A neurosurgeon performs a LITT procedure, also called MRI-guided laser ablation, or brain surgery, at Maine Medical Center

School of Surgical Technology

Are you interested in becoming an important part of a health care team? Surgical technology training through Maine Medical Center (MMC) may be the right path for you.

Why become a surgical technologist?

A certified surgical technologist (CST) is an essential member of the modern surgical team. They work in operating rooms with surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses providing direct patient care before, during and after surgery. CSTs help to provide a safe and efficient environment for surgical care. CSTs also work in other patient service settings calling for special knowledge about asepsis and making or keeping an environment antiseptic. Some CSTs work as private operating room scrub technologists. Others choose to work in delivery rooms, dentist offices and medical sales.

Program Information & Resources

The Maine Medical Center School of Surgical Technology was established in 1969 and has graduated more than 1,110 students. The program is fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Additionally, MMC School of Surgical Technology is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP) upon the recommendation of the Accrediting Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting.

This is a one year, full-time training program divided into two six-month semesters. First semester classes are held at Southern Maine Community College where the basic sciences, care, safety of the patient, and principles of operation room technique are taught and demonstrated. This semester is designed to give you a strong background in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are necessary for clinical practice. The second semester is held at various clinical sites enabling you to gain practical experience in the operating room. Upon successful program completion you will be able to:

  • Sit for the national surgical technologist certification exam
  • Consider opportunities for MaineHealth employment
  • Provide safe care to patients in a surgical setting
  • Work as an integral part of a surgical team or in other clinical settings

Graduates are prepared and eligible to sit for the National Certification Examination offered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). The certified surgical technologist (CST) certification pass rate for MMC graduates has consistently exceeded the national benchmark. As reported in the Annual Report to the Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA): During the most recent examination review cycle, 88% of MMC graduates enrolled in the School of Surgical Technology achieved the status of certified surgical technologist (CST). View course catalog.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. There are two classes of up to 22 students per semester. Classes start September or March. Application processing begins in April for September classes and in October for March classes.

How to Apply

Acceptance into this program is contingent upon:

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  • $500 upon acceptance, non-refundable deposit
  • $1,400 1st semester tuition (due one month prior to class start)
  • $1,900 2nd semester tuition (due one month prior to 2nd semester)
  • Approx $1,000 for textbooks

Other costs:

  • Approx $15 for supplies
  • Approx $60 for uniform (black scrubs)

MaineHealth Employee Sponsorship

MaineHealth employees can apply for program sponsorship. Sponsored employees train at no cost while working at MaineHealth. To learn more please contact

Financial Aid

The school does not participate in Federal Title IV Financial Aid Programs. Aid may be available for qualified candidates from one or more of the following sources:

  • Women's Board Scholarship (2nd semester)
  • Roxann Lord Gregory Scholarship Fund (2nd semester)

The faculty of the Maine Medical Center School of Surgical Technology embraces teaching and educating excellent surgical technologists who will be the healthcare providers of tomorrow to meet community needs. We aspire to educate students to be productive employees who will be strong patient advocates with a solid surgical conscience.

We want to give our students the tools they need to be active contributors, and to react effectively to the challenges and uncertainty of the surgical process. We aspire to instill an appreciation of the working of the most magnificent machines in existence, and to ensure student and faculty satisfaction and a valued co‐existence in the educational process. We fulfill our teaching and outcome goals by a variety of means.

We, first, know well the fundamental content of our program and present it in ways that meet auditory, visual, and kinesthetic needs of different learners. We clearly define objectives and expected outcomes. We strive for active, practical learning and we use pertinent examples to harness excitement. We use repetition, demonstrations, and hands‐on practice to build skills and confidence. We work to develop respect between student and teacher, and recognition of the roles of both.

We offer students support and guidance throughout the program and encourage their involvement in their learning experience. We have a variety of assessment tools to measure the learning success of our students. We use frequent quizzes and practicum exams to test student compliance with educational standards of the core curriculum of the ARC/STSA (Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting).

We administer the CST certification exam at completion of the program and strive for a 100% pass rate. We seek direct student feedback throughout the program, closely monitor test performance and keep students apprised of their progress. We survey graduates and employers one year after graduation for graduate and employer satisfaction rates.

As faculty in this program we are proud to fulfill Maine Medical Center’s core value of educating tomorrow’s caregivers. We are proud of the prodigious results of our program as evidenced by these assessment tools. We are rewarded by seeing students bloom into professional surgical technologists.

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