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Geriatrics Fellowship

Based at the largest medical center in a state with one of the oldest populations in America, the Maine Medical Center (MMC) Geriatric fellowship is a comprehensive learning program that prepares graduates to meet the clinical and leadership needs of our state.

The small size of our program allows for individual attention. We also offer traditional, one-year full-time and innovative, two-year part-time programs to suit learners in any stage of their careers. Our highly-regarded long-term care continuity experience, a major strength of the program, allows fellows to manage frailty and multi-morbidity with the assistance of an interdisciplinary team. 

Past graduates have quickly assumed leadership roles after completing the program (e.g. directors of interdisciplinary clinical care teams, facility medical directors, educators/geriatric rotation directors). To inspire them to develop programs in their future work settings, we train our fellows in several successfully-implemented models of geriatric care through the Geriatric Assessment Center and the Hospital Elder Life Program. We also provide novel rotations including a rural geriatric medicine rotation and an administration and quality improvement rotation.

Program Aims

The MMC Geriatric Medicine Program aims to train geriatricians who are capable of:

  • Providing high quality, patient-centered care to the older adults of Maine. Inherent in this is the ability to optimize the function and quality of life of all older adults, especially those who are at highest risk of adverse outcomes (patients with dementia, frailty, multi-morbidity and at the end of life);
  • Assuming positions of leadership in all clinical venues in both rural and urban settings. Graduates of our program will be able to create and direct evidence-based care initiatives that will ensure the safe and appropriate care of older adults in all care settings; and
  • Serving the state of Maine as strong geriatric clinician educators, with the expertise to train inter-professional teams and to serve as expert resources for the care of older adults.

 We advance those aims by:

  • Providing excellent integrated clinical training in diverse settings in an inter-professional, collaborative manner;
  • Modelling how to identify and implement successful geriatric models/systems of care with an emphasis on patient safety and quality improvement; and
  • Delivering robust multi-modal educational experiences and creating opportunities to partner with geriatric providers locally and nationally.

The Maine Medical Center Fellowship Experience

Geriatrics Fellowship at Maine Medical Center

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Program Manager

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