Maine Medical Center

Neurology Care

MaineHealth Neurology provides the highest quality care for people with neurological disorders. We are nationally-recognized for care of complex conditions such as stroke, brain cancer, epilepsy and brain/spine trauma.

Our expert team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, radiologists, rehabilitation therapists and patient navigators collaborates to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation to recovery; patients are supported by decades of experience, leading-edge technology and personalized care.

Innovative New Brain Surgery Technique

5 aminolevulinic acid (5 ALA) illuminates brain tumors under fluorescent light so surgeons can see exactly where cancerous cells are hiding. As Jeffrey Florman, MD explains, MaineHealth Maine Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in the country to use 5 ALA, allowing surgeons to remove more of the tumor and achieve better patient outcomes.