Let's Go!
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More Healthy. More Happy.

Spring into a routine of healthy eating and active living. Our tips can help make it fun and easy.

5-2-1-0 Every Day!

Five or more fruits & vegetables
Need some help getting your family to eat 5 more or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Learn more about serving sizes and tips on how to add more into your family meals every day with this helpful guide.
Two hours or less recreational screen time
It’s easy to let the screen time get away from you. Remind yourself on the why’s and how’s for recreational screen time.
One hour or more of physical activity
Get outside and move! Try these everyday tips to help get 1 hour or more of movement every day.
Zero sugary drinks, more water
Stay hydrated with water and say no to sugary drinks. Water is fuel for your body!

Small Steps

small steps 2018

The Let’s Go! Small Steps program helps adults establish healthy habits. Time is the biggest barrier for adults when it comes to healthy eating and active living. To combat lack of time, we developed resources focused on quick wins and incremental behavior change, which add up to long-term health impact. The Small Steps program also supports healthy habits during pregnancy.

The following resources can help guide you towards taking the first steps.

Give Children a Healthy Start

Have a newborn to 2 year old? It’s never too early to give children a healthy start to prevent obesity. We’ve got ideas to help!
close-up of a small baby lying on their stomach and playing with toys on a soft cushion or couch seat

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