Let's Go!
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Move More!

Let’s Go! evidence-based strategies recommend a total of 1 hour or more of physical activity every day. We want to help families learn to move more and reach that goal.

Understanding Movement

Do you fully understand movement and how to move more? Knowing about movement can help increase physical activity to achieve your daily goals. Check out these short videos which break down the basics to help you understand:

Making Movement Fun

Movement has Positive Impacts

Movement Can Happen Anywhere

How Much Do You Need to Move


Regular physical activity is key to improving overall health

Being active gives children the ability, confidence and motivation to lead a healthy life, also known as physical literacy. Creating healthy habits during childhood sets the tone for how children approach physical activity in their life. 

Parents/caregivers play an important role in helping children understand the importance and benefits of movement. Being an active, positive role model is key to getting children to move more and create lasting habits. If children don’t learn to move well, they are not going to move enough.

Movement also positively impacts the mind and body. Mental wellness greatly improves with increased activity. Other benefits include:

  • Increasing academic performance
  • Improving sleep
  • Creating healthy lifelong habits

Movement needs are different for everyone. Focus on trying to move a little bit more. The CDC recommends:

  • Children ages 3-5 need to be physically active. Parents and caregivers should encourage active play.
  • Children and Adolescents ages 6-17 need 60 minutes of physical activity daily (this includes school-based physical activity) with at least 20 minutes being moderate to vigorous.

Learn to Move More!

Learn more about movement and how to get 1 hour or more of physical activity every day.

Additional Resources for Health Care Providers

Learn more about physical literacy to help assess and promote physical literacy development and healthy physical activity.