Let's Go!

History & Founding Partners

Let’s Go! was born in 2006 with support and funding from seven Maine-based business leaders (a group of organizations that we now refer to as our Founding Partners). Building off the success of the 5-2-1-0 healthy habits message, which originated with the Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative (MYOC), a team of dedicated professionals set out to tackle childhood obesity. The program expanded and in 2007 committed to working across communities in multiple settings (school, out-of-school, early care and education, healthcare and workplace). Let’s Go! continues to use this multi-setting model today.

In 2008, Let’s Go! introduced ten evidence-based strategies for childhood obesity prevention. The success of the program was evident by 2010 when Let’s Go! expanded to twelve of Maine’s sixteen counties. The program has continued to reach children and families across the state of Maine (and in select communities in New Hampshire) due to strong leadership, committed partners and the continued generosity of funders who recognize the importance of establishing healthy habits beginning in childhood.

Through its network of Implementation Partners, Let’s Go! is now in over 1,500 sites across all of Maine’s 16 counties and Carroll County, New Hampshire. Fueled by the energy and commitment of champions in each site we serve, Let’s Go! has become a movement fostering positive changes, one healthy choice at a time.

Founding Partners

Let’s Go! began as a unique partnership of Maine’s leading health, business and community-based organizations. In 2006, these organizations pledged financial and in-kind support for a five year initiative to promote healthy lifestyles for kids and their families. Since then, these Founding Partners continue to support the growth of Let’s Go!: