Laser Therapy

Minimally invasive laser surgery has many uses, from common skin treatments to fixing urinary blockages. With laser surgery, procedures are faster with quicker recovery time. Results also are more immediate.

What is laser therapy/surgery?

Laser surgery uses a light beam to heat areas. Laser surgery is used to:

  • Close blood vessels and reduce blood loss

  • Remove warts, moles and sunspots

  • Treat wrinkles

  • Remove dilated blood vessels on the face

  • Remove skin cells that can turn into cancer

Laser therapy/surgery in urology

Laser surgery in urology is used to relieve symptoms of severe urinary problems. Enlarged prostates can cause obstruction or blockage of the urethra.

  • Laser technology used by doctors can either melt (laser ablation/laser vaporization) or sear (laser enucleation) excess tissue that causes the blockage.

  • Vaporizing the tissue opens a channel immediately. Searing the tissue clears the blockage within several days.

Laser therapy helps with surgeries

With laser surgery there are fewer complications and quicker recovery times. Other benefits of laser surgery include:

  • Quicker procedures

  • Little to no blood loss

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Shorter time with catheters

  • More immediate results


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