Plantar Fibromas | Fibroma Care

Having a painful lump on the bottom of your foot can really impact your daily life. It can make it hard to walk around or even wear shoes. Providers at MaineHealth can help.

What is a fibroma?

A fibroma is a knot of connective tissue that can occur anywhere in the body. When it’s on the arch of your foot, it is called a plantar fibroma. It is a benign condition, but will not go away without treatment. Experts don’t know exactly what causes plantar fibromas, but they tend to run in families.

Plantar fibroma symptoms

  • Plantar fibroma causes a lump on the bottom of the foot, usually in the arch between the ball and heel.
  • It might hurt more when you press or step on it, or when wearing certain shoes. 

Plantar fibroma diagnosis

To diagnose a plantar fibroma, your provider may examine the lump and press on it. An MRI or biopsy may be done to help with the diagnosis.

Plantar fibroma treatment

Your provider may recommend nonsurgical treatment. This will not remove the fibroma but can help relieve pain.

Treatments include:

  • Physical therapy to reduce inflammation without shots
  • Steroid shots to temporarily reduce inflammation
  • Orthotics or medical devices to shift the weight off of the fibroma


Plantar fibromas can be removed with surgery, although they may return. Surgery can lead to other problems, such as hammertoes and flat feet. If your provider decides surgery is right for you, you may need regular follow-up appointments to check for other foot problems and watch if your fibroma comes back.