Foot and Ankle Surgery

Sometimes a foot or ankle injury needs surgery to make sure that it heals correctly. Or, you may have another problem that can be fixed only with surgery. MaineHealth has podiatrists, orthopedic doctors and physicians to evaluate your foot and ankle problems, and get the best treatment for you.

Types of foot and ankle surgery

There are many different types of foot and ankle surgeries. Some can be done quickly without having to stay overnight in the hospital. Others may take a few hours and require you to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.

Here are some of the most common types of foot and ankle surgeries:

  • Bunions (bony lumps on the side of your foot that can make your big toe bend in)

  • Hammer toes (when your toes become bent all the time without you being able to straighten them)

  • Metatarsal surgery (small joints that can be moved out of place by arthritis)

  • Ankle fusion (a treatment for arthritis)

  • Triple fusion (a treatment for arthritis)

  • Ankle replacement (removes the parts of your ankle bones that are worn out and replaces them with plastic or metal versions)

  • Fractures (when a surgeon will reset or “fix” your bones so they will heal the right way)


You will need to see a podiatrist (a foot doctor) or an orthopedist (a bone and joint doctor).

Specialty doctors will look at your foot and ankle, take X-rays to figure out what your options are, and work with you to decide the best treatment.