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Rehabilitation is an integral component of the multidisciplinary neurological care at Maine Medical Center. Through its Division of Rehabilitation Medicine, the medical center offers the largest, most experienced team of inpatient physical and occupational therapists and speech language pathologists in the state - including certified brain injury specialists.

Early physical therapy and rehabilitation intervention is vital to the Neuroscience Institute's approach to care, based on a growing body of research showing that when functional deficits are addressed early on, long-term outcomes are improved. Inpatient physical therapy consults are completed within 24 hours for patients admitted with a neurological injury or disorder. For patients in the ICU, neuro-rehabilitation often starts while patients are still sedated and intubated in order to prevent contractures, keep joints and muscles limber and to keep the patient accustomed to being upright. As a result, when patients are ready to transition from acute care to rehabilitation, they are ahead of the curve.

The transition from acute care to rehabilitation is made seamless by MMC's strong collaborative relationship with New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland (NERHP). The only freestanding acute rehabilitation hospital in Maine, NERHP is a joint venture of MMC and Healthsouth, LLC, the nation's largest provider of physical rehabilitation services. It has specialized programs that provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to patients with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and other neurologic impairments.

Together, MMC and NERHP offer a continuum of outstanding rehabilitative care for individuals with neurological injuries and conditions. While rehabilitation services are tailored to each patient's unique needs, the goal is always the same: to help patients achieve their highest level of independence at home, at work, and in the community.

  • Specialized rehabilitative services for patients with neurological injuries and disorders.
  • Early rehabilitation intervention during the acute phase of hospitalization optimizes long-term outcomes.
  • The close partnership between MMC and NERHP - the state's only acute freestanding rehabilitation hospital - ensures a seamless continuity of care.
  • Highly trained therapists with specialized neuro expertise provide care based on the most up-to-date clinical knowledge.
  • Investment in proven technological innovations means patients have access to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances, both at the hospital and when referred to MMC's rehabilitation partner, NERHP.
  • The Neuroscience Institute's collaborative environment extends to the patient's referring physician, who is considered an integral part of the care team.
  • Consistently outstanding outcomes that surpass regional and national standards.
  • The services of a specialized Neurosciences Patient and Family Liaison are available to provide expert, personalized and compassionate support to patients and their families throughout the continuum of care, in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

MMC's multidisciplinary team of physiatrists, physical and occupational therapists and speech language pathologists provides rehabilitative care for the range of neurological conditions requiring inpatient hospitalization including:

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Traumatic spine injury
  • Brain tumor
  • Movement disorders including Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Other neurological deficits

MMC has developed a high-quality, in-house spinal bracing program for patients with spine-related injury or illness who require stabilization. Patients can be fitted with off the shelf spinal braces by on-site, certified therapists which aides is speeding up the rehabilitation and recovery process.