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Medical Staff Wellness

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Well-being is defined as the experience of health and happiness; having good mental health, a high level of both life and professional satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress. MaineHealth is committed to ensuring that all medical staff have easy access to tools and resources that support well-being.

Test Your Wellness

The Mayo Clinic has developed a well-being self-assessment tool called The Well-Being Index. This 100% anonymous assessment consists of nine questions and takes less than one minute to complete.

Simply answer the questions and you'll get individual feedback and scores that can be tracked over time. Your assessment report will show how your well-being level compares to your peers. Depending on your results, you may also receive personalized recommendations for local and national resources that can help you improve your well-being.

Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety and Stress

As we work together to care for patients and family members during the COVID-19 outbreak, feelings of stress and anxiety are common. Self-care and paying attention to your emotional health are essential. Learn more about tools you can use to manage stress more effectively.

NEW: Project ECHO – Resiliency 

Join the conversation about sustaining well-being and resilience in trauma-exposed health care teams.

NEW: Wellness Resources 

View resources (articles, podcasts, videos, including CMEs) regarding both system and personal factors related to well-being.

Mini Z Survey Results

MaineHealth uses the Mini Z burnout assessment, which is derived from work performed by Mark Linzer, MD, in the Physician Worklife Survey. The Mini-Z comprises 10 items and one open-ended question which assess satisfaction, stress, burnout, work control, chaos, values alignment, teamwork, documentation, time pressure, excess electronic health record (EHR) use at home, and EHR proficiency.*

42% of MaineHealth medical staff said they felt burned out in 2019.

MaineHealth burnout chart

2019 Mini Z Survey Results Summary

Mini Z Survey Questions  Responses
 Burnout   42% Burned Out
 Job Satisfaction  71% Satisfied
 Stress from Work   59% Highly Stressed
 Workload Control  48% Marginal or Poor
 Time for Documentation  50% Marginal or Poor
 Work Atmosphere  41% Very Busy or Hectic and Chaotic
 Values Alignment  58% Aligned
 Care Team Efficiency  53% Satisfactory to Optimal
 Time spent on EHR at Home  34% High or Excessive
 EHR Proficiency  10% Marginal to Poor, 28% Satisfactory


Other Resources

The Well-Being Index App

The Well-Being Index app makes it easy to routinely assess your wellness. Use your iOS or Android device to measure and track six key dimensions of distress and well-being. The app requires that you enter demographic information. This information is kept anonymous and collected only for national bench-marking purposes.

MaineHealth Peer Support Program

You don't have to go it alone. Provider wellness peer support is available. Reach out today!  

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