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MaineHealth Medical Group

MaineHealth Medical Group (MHMG) is the largest medical group in Northern New England. It unifies all MaineHealth providers at the system’s hospitals and medical centers and more than 230 specialty and primary care practices in Maine and New Hampshire.

MHMG’s clinical mission is driven by being patient-centered, striving for continuous improvement, promoting clear communication and advancing medical knowledge. Its goal is to deliver on the MaineHealth vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.

Established in 2021, MHMG grew out of a deliberative process begun in 2016 that included frontline providers, clinical leaders and the MaineHealth executive team. Governance is provided by a 20-member board of directors. All members of the board are participating physicians who practice in diverse specialties and locations.

About MaineHealth Medical Group

President: Aileen Mickey, MD

Chief Financial Officer: Jeff Kirby

Lisa Beaule, MD
Catherine Cavanaugh, DO
Mike Dedekian, MD
Elizabeth Eisenhardt, MD
Ben Farino, MD
Frank Goodreau, DO
Jennifer Hayman, MD
Christine Hein, MD
Rebecca Hemphill, MD
Baird Mallory, MD
Peter Manning, MD
Aileen Mickey, MD
Jennifer Riehl, MD
Anand Rughani, MD
Andrew Russ, MD
Craig Smith, DO
Vanessa Smith, NP
Heather Ward, MD
Neal Yetman, DO
Cecilei MacIntyre    


Join Maine’s largest medical team - working together to make our communities the healthiest in America.

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