Community Portal: Electronic Health Record System

MaineHealth uses Epic, the industry standard electronic health record (EHR) system. More than 200 million patients nation-wide have current electronic records in Epic. The system allows users to exchange medical records with any Epic customer across the world as well as with other non-Epic EHRs to provide current, up-to-date information on our patients to promote excellent patient care.

SeHR Link

SeHR Link is an online portal that securely connects you with your patients' information, giving you real-time updates on their care. Medical providers, like you, will be able to see treatment information (such as lab and test results, consultation notes and discharge summaries) and send messages to providers in one easy-to-access place.

Benefits of SeHR Link

  • Promote continuity of care and review your patients' treatment and progress at MaineHealth locations
  • View your patient's medical records

How to Access

If your organization is not currently using SeHR Link, the practice manager (or equivalent) should send an email to to request access. Requests for access will be evaluated by our team. New organizations and users must be approved before access will be granted. Please note this process is multi-step and takes time to complete.