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NorthStar Ambulance

NorthStar is the regional ambulance service for Greater Franklin County. As a program of Franklin Memorial Hospital, NorthStar’s 75 EMS professionals follow their mission of positive community activities, good stewardship of resources, and respectful and excellent patient care. This mission is evident throughout NorthStar’s operations with 6,000 calls a year to the 71 communities over the 2,800 square miles it proudly serves. With state-of-the-art equipment and modern ambulances, the service is ready, responsive and reliable.

Situated among the beautiful western Maine mountains, NorthStar is dispatched out of five base locations strategically positioned throughout the region. NorthStar responds to calls ranging from medical emergencies to auto accidents, from snowmobile to ATV rescues, from nursing home transfers to boating accidents. NorthStar’s extensive community service activities round out the professionalism of its service and its staff.

We welcome inquiries about our services, how we can do more in your community, and how to join our exciting organization.

Our Mission 

"The professionals of NorthStar will adhere to the highest standards of respectful patient care, engage in positive community activities, and exercise good stewardship of our resources, all in the pursuit of excellence."

NorthStar Facts

  • Employs 75 - 80 EMTs (including Paramedics, Advanced EMTs and EMTs)
  • Has opportunities for Full Time, Part Time, PRN; 24/16,12/12/12, 24/8/8, 40 hour shifts
  • Covers 2,763 square miles (1,768,506 acres!) of mostly rural territory (8.3% of Maine)
  • Operates 9 Type III ambulances, 2 Type II vans and 1 Paramedic Intercept Vehicles ("Fly Cars")
  • Serves 71 communities in Northwestern Maine
  • Coverage area includes all of Franklin County and parts of Oxford, Somerset, Androscoggin, and Kennebec counties
  • Has a Bike Team used prominently at community events
  • Boasts the highest ratio of Wilderness EMTs (WEMTs) in the state
  • Has a paramedic on scene on every ALS emergency call
  • Has a GPS unit in every emergency vehicle
  • The successor of Community Emergency Services (CES), LifeStar, AMPS, Rangeley Ambulance and Sugarloaf Rescue

Mike Senecal, Director
Tel: (207) 779-2400
Fax: (207) 779-2477


Livermore on Route 4
119 Federal Rd., Livermore, ME 04253
(207) 897-3611

Farmington on the FMH Campus
Stanley Building, 111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938
(207) 779-2402

Phillips on Park Street
138C Park St. Phillips, ME 04966
(207) 639-3830

Rangeley in the Doak Public Safety Building
15 School St., Rangeley, ME 04970
(207) 864-0938

Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley
1003 Carriage Rd., Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947
(207) 235-2228


NorthStar crews are involved in thousands of hours of community service each year. CPR trainings and presentations at area schools are just a few of the ways that NorthStar contributes back to the community.

Thank you for your interest in NorthStar. If you are considering working for NorthStar as part of our full-time, part-time or PRN (per diem) staff, please consider the following:

  • For any of our EMT positions, you must have a valid, current Maine EMT license at the level posted. For a driver position, the EMT license is not required
  • For Paramedic positions, you must, in addition to a Maine EMT-P or NREMT-P license, also have PIFT certificate. ACLS and PALS certificate strongly desirable (and, in some cases, required.)
  • You must have a current CPR card.
  • You must have completed and passed a Ambulance Vehicle Operator's Course (AVOC). This may be waived subject to passing this course within the first 6 months of hire.
  • You must have a valid driver's license and a satisfactory driving record.
  • You must satisfactorily complete all required pre-employment screens (which includes a physical exam).

For those not currently an EMT but interested in becoming an EMT, we suggest that you contact TriCounty EMS at (207) 795-2880. Joanne and the staff at that office can give you information on how to apply for Basic courses, provide schedules and applications for courses, and all the requirements for becoming a part of the Emergency Medical Technician family.

  • Avon
  • Carrabassett Valley
  • Chesterville
  • Coplin Plantation
  • Dallas Plantation
  • Eustis
  • Industry
  • Farmington
  • Franklin County Unorganized Territories of: Alder Stream, Beattie, Chain of Ponds, Coburn Gore, Davis, Freeman, Gorham Gore, Jim Pond, Kibby, Lang, Lowell-Town, Madrid, Massachusetts Gore, Merrill Strip, Mt Abram, Perkins, Redington, Salem, Seven Ponds, Skinner, Stetson-Town, Tim Pond, Township D, Township E, Township North of Weld, Washington, Wyman
  • Highland Plantation
  • Jay
  • Kingfield
  • Lincoln Plantation
  • Livermore
  • Livermore Falls
  • New Portland
  • New Sharon
  • New Vineyard
  • Oxford County Unorganized Territories of: Bowmantown, Parmachenee, Oxbow, Lynchtown, Upper Cupsuptic, Lower Cupsuptic, Parkertown, Adamstown, and Richardsontown
  • Phillips
  • Rangeley
  • Rangeley Plantation
  • Sandy River Plantation
  • Somerset County Unorganized Territories of: Lexington, Bigelow, Dead River, Carrying Place Town, Spring Lake, Flagstaff, King and Bartlett, Pierce Pond, T3R5BKPWKR
  • Strong
  • Temple
  • Vienna
  • Weld
  • Wilton
The NorthStar Bike Medic Team is a key part of NorthStar's system. The Bike Team is fully equipped with state-of-the-art bicycles and supplies to carry high quality medical care into the field.  The team shines at community festivals, bike events, and wherever a team of EMTs need to be in the middle of a crowd. The team also brings its message of bike safety and fun to elementary school classes. Arrayed in their safety yellow uniforms, you'll agree that this team is one of the best bike teams in the state... Ready, responsive and reliable for any situation.
NorthStar Backcountry Medical Response Team is charged with responding to ill and injured persons in an off-road environment in the forests, mountains, lakes and rivers within the NorthStar EMS response area, and, in collaboration with the Maine Warden Service and other wilderness rescue responders, providing public education as well as emergency medical care using the highest level of wilderness prehospital care providers available.


John Bogar, Chair
Terry Bell, Sr.
Dave Cota
Richard Davis
John Dill
Mike Luciano
Stacie Rundlett
Kurt Schaub
Leeanna Wilbur

The Advisory Board is organized as a committee of the Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH) Board of Directors and consists of up to 15 members including at least one member of the Board of Directors of FMH and the President of FMH ex officio with vote. The municipalities participating in the Service have the right to nominate candidates for membership to the Advisory Board. The Municipality may submit nominees to the President of FMH for consideration and potential election by the FMH Board of Directors. When selecting from among nominees for election to the Advisory Board, candidates will be elected to represent the geographic area served by the Service who are knowledgeable of the Service and the needs of the municipalities it serves. Except for the President of FMH, employees of FMH shall not be eligible to serve as members of the Advisory Board. Members of the Advisory Board shall serve for terms of three (3) years and may be reelected to subsequent terms of service. When electing individuals to serve on the Advisory Board, the initial terms of office shall be structured so that approximately one-third of the terms of the members of the Advisory Board shall expire annually. The Advisory Board shall monitor the operation of the Service provided by FMH as a whole and it shall make recommendations to the FMH Board of Directors concerning policy decisions effecting operation of the Service upon which the Board of Directors has requested the advice of the Advisory Board.

New appointments to the Advisory Board are generally made following the annual meeting of the FMH Board of Directors held each October. The FMH Board of Director member of the NorthStar Advisory Board will chair the Advisory Board and act as a liaison with the FMH Board of Directors. The Director of NorthStar will staff the Advisory Board and the Office of the President will be responsible for organizing meetings.

The NorthStar Advisory Board meets quarterly.

The NorthStar Advisory Board shall review NorthStar’s performance, including monitoring quality of care and service effectiveness from the perspective of patients, the communities served and emergency room providers. The Board shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding long-term strategies and goals, annual operating and capital budgets, and the rationale and formula(s) for dividing public support costs between the municipalities served.

Information about town support funding for NorthStar

Every one of the towns served by NorthStar help to support the operations of the ambulance service. Many ask, however, just how this support is determined and where the money goes. This page will try to describe what the money is all about.

When NorthStar transports a patient, the patient’s insurance (or Medicare or Medicaid or the patient themselves) is billed. NorthStar receives the income from these bills. With very few exceptions, it is only when a patient is transported that NorthStar receives any income. In part, this no-transport-no-fee is a community service but, more importantly, Medicare and every insurance company will pay only when there is a transport. If medication is given, NorthStar may charge a patient even if they are not transported. There is a small amount of other income from donations, event charges, and conference sponsorship.

All this income from patients, insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and donations is not enough to cover the expenses for the type of service that our communities want and expect. In fact, this income only covers about four-fifths of the expenses.

That difference - between all the income and all the expenses - is the subsidy. The amount of this subsidy allows NorthStar to break even each year - no loss, no gain.

In 2006, the local board affirmed a methodology for allocating the subsidy for the fiscal year that began in July 2007. This formula includes elements of population, housing units, residential valuation, and distance from the center of NorthStar’s population area. The Board and NorthStar have kept this same basic formula (with some minor adjustments) every year since that time.

So, the "simple" answer is: the subsidy money helps assure the continuing presence of an ambulance service that is ready to respond 24/7/365 with highly trained, well equipped and professional staff in well maintained, state-of-the-art ambulances achieving reasonable response times throughout the 2,800 square miles that NorthStar serves.

Your subsidy support allows NorthStar to give you the powerful backup capabilities of a regional ambulance service and yet keep a local community focus. NorthStar is not only ready to respond to any emergency but is there to help in your neighborhood schools, visit the home-bound patients, install Lifeline services, and offer free blood pressure and other educational clinics in your town. We are there for you.

NorthStar offers a Community Paramedicine program that has emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics making house calls to vulnerable patients to educate them, monitor their condition, and if needed, provide treatment.

Primary care and hospital-based doctors refer individuals to the program. Patients who qualify are generally those who have been newly released from the hospital; those who have had a recent surgery; those who have multiple chronic conditions; and those with safety concerns in the home.

At no cost, specially trained EMTs provide patient care in the home offering services such as: vital signs and weight monitoring, high blood pressure checks, glucose testing and diabetes management, medication assistance, flu shots, and fall prevention and safety education.

EMTs report back to referring providers any issues or concerns that may affect their patients’ recovery.

Let your physician know if you are interested in participating in the NorthStar Community Paramedicine Program. Upon receipt of his or her referral, NorthStar will contact you directly about scheduling an appointment.

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