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Virgin Pulse Wellness Platform

MaineHealth has partnered with Virgin Pulse to offer employees access to a robust wellness platform at your fingertips to engage in fun, competitive (individual or team based) challenges to inspire movement, balance, stress reduction, healthy habits! This is an experience that can help improve well-being with health tips, tracking tools, education programs, rewards, group challenges, and more!

Real-Time Rewards - Employees will receive point incentive immediately after achieving each level.

Points Reward Earning

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



* Earn up to $150 Virgin Pulse Cash per session and up to $300 per calendar year
* Pulse Cash is only available to benefits-eligible employees.


Download the Virgin Pulse app on your phone for easy and quick access to sync your steps. Benefits-eligible employees could earn up to $300 annually by actively participating in Virgin Pulse!

Get Started Today!

  1. Join Virgin Pulse on your mobile device or desktop.
  2. Take the online health assessment in Virgin Pulse.
  3. Review the FAQs and Ways to Earn and Program Guide for helpful tips.

Virgin Pulse Program Periods:

  • Virgin Pulse Period 1: 1/1/21 – 6/30/21
  • Virgin Pulse Period 2: 7/1/21 – 12/31/21

Join the WOW! October Virgin Pulse Challenge - Plan Well, Live Healthy and Thrive

a hand holding a pen next to a piece of paper that reads "employee wellbeing"

Gear up to explore tools and resources available to MaineHealth employees to plan well and live healthy. Accumulate steps to reach key milestones where you will learn about pillars of wellbeing, earn points, maximize benefits to thrive and understand importance of the bigger picture of living well.

Register now, the Challenge begins on 10/11/21


Healthier Together

Support makes a big difference in achieving success, no matter your goals. Starting on January 1, 2021, you can invite your spouse or domestic partner* to join the program and get healthy together! *MaineHealth benefit enrolled spouses and domestic partners will have the opportunity to utilize the Virgin Pulse platform 

  • Join Virgin Pulse on your mobile device or computer. Click here to learn more about enrolling a spouse or domestic partner in the program.
  • Enjoy the following benefits together:
    • Activity tracking - keep yourselves accountable by tracking your daily activity, like steps, sleep, and workouts.
    • Helpful tips for living well - learn how to eat and sleep better, build exercise into your day, and feel less stressed and more productive — plus much more!
    • Fun, healthy challenges - exercise is always easier when it's fun, a little competitive, and with your loved ones.

Join a MaineHealth Diabetes Prevention Program Class

There are many convenient times available, visit our website to find a class that fits your schedule. MaineHealth employees can earn up to 23,000 Virgin Pulse points for participating.

Join a Solera Diabetes Prevention Program Class

MaineHealth team members can earn up to 13,000 Virgin Pulse points for participating in the Solera online Diabetes Prevention Program. If you are enrolled in the MaineHealth health plan, you can participate online through the Virgin Pulse platform. Get started by taking the quiz!