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Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination

Children age 6 months and older are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. Learn more about pediatric COVID-19 vaccination. Contacting your family doctor or pediatrician is the most convenient way to get your child vaccinated.

Vaccination Scheduling Options:

Please review our vaccination appointment guide before you arrive.

Two young children stand in a doctor's office with their arms around each other, giving the "thumbs up" sign

Comfort a Child During Vaccination

Learn techniques for soothing your child before, during and after the shot.
Nathan Bennett holds son Zachary Bennett on his lap during an appointment at MMP Westbrook Pediatrics

Comfort Hold Techniques

See holds that help your child feel safe and relaxed during a procedure.
John Hall, MD in a medical facility

Know What to Do

MaineHealth is here to guide you through symptoms, exposures and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many parents have questions about vaccinating their children for COVID-19. MaineHealth provides trusted health information that can help you decide what is best your family.