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Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccinating our children is the next step we can take toward putting an end to the pandemic. The FDA and CDC have taken all necessary steps to review and approve the use of a COVID-19 vaccine for children 5 - 11 years old.

The most convenient way to get your child vaccinated is at a school-based vaccine clinic.

MaineHealth is partnering with school districts across the region to offer school-based COVID-19 vaccine clinics throughout November. Watch for communications from your child’s school about how to get your child vaccinated. School-based clinics will be open only to students who attend the school. Please contact your child's school administration office for more information.

Why choose a school-based clinic?

  • The school-based setting feels familiar and safe for most kids and parents.
  • School staff are seen as trustworthy and caring members of kids’ communities.
  • Due to the pandemic, many provider offices are very busy and available visits for the COVID-19 vaccine are limited.
  • Some pharmacies may not offer the COVID-19 vaccine for children age 5-11.

What if a school-based clinic is not an option for my child?
If your child is home-schooled or not able to attend a school-based clinic, MaineHealth is also offering COVID-19 vaccination appointments for children aged 5-11 at select locations. Learn more.

School-Based Vaccine Clinics

View a list of schools that MaineHealth is partnering with to provide COVID-19 vaccine doses to children aged 5-11.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many parents have questions about vaccinating their children for COVID-19. MaineHealth provides trusted health information that can help you decide what is best your family.

Pediatricians Share: What parents need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine for children

Hear Maine pediatricians discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and important safety considerations for your children. Speakers include: 

  • Gretchen Pianka, MD, MPH, Pediatrician at Central Maine Pediatrics
  • Jillian Gregory, DO, Pediatric Critical Care Physician at Maine Medical Center
  • Sydney Sewall, MD, MPH, Pediatrician at Maine General Health
  • Michael Ross, MD, Pediatrician at Northern Light Pediatric Primary Care