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Spiritual and Pastoral Care Services

What is spiritual care?

Care of the human spirit is critical to health. It is the work of our entire staff. Chaplains, however, are specially-trained in human understanding, pastoral counseling, religious and cultural traditions. Chaplains are available to all Southern Maine Health Care patients and their loved ones. We provide a listening presence, guidance in mindfulness and prayer, support through decision-making, and help finding purpose and meaning.

What can I expect from a Chaplain?

Our chaplains provide emotional support and gentle spiritual guidance when people are:

  • Feeling anxious, afraid or upset
  • Struggling with emotional, spiritual or religious questions or with the meaning of an illness
  • Wrestling with difficult treatment choices or ethical dilemmas
  • Observing spiritual practices or religious rites
  • Inviting your faith community leader
  • Grieving
  • Dealing with difficult news
  • Preparing mindfully for surgery

How can I request Spiritual and Pastoral Care?

Monday-Friday: Call 207-294-5301 or Page 207-758-8886

Weekends and holidays: Call the Switchboard by pressing “0” on an SMHC facility phone.

Spiritual Care Providers

Reverend Shelly Snow, MDiv, MEd, APBCC
Director of Spiritual and Pastoral Care Services

Reverend Nonie Freeman, MSW
Palliative Care