Maine Medical Center
Volunteer in the gift shop


Maine Medical Center volunteers provide helping hands and caring words to patients and family members throughout the hospital. Our dedicated volunteers extend and supplement the services provided by hospital staff. Volunteers carry tremendous responsibility and fill a vital role as they work on behalf of patients in many departments throughout the hospital. Our volunteers' interest, enthusiasm, and warmth are of great value in maintaining the hospital's dedication to high quality, personalized health care for all patients.

Many men, women, young adults, and teenagers throughout the Greater Portland area volunteer for MMC. Click here to learn more.

Hospital Auxiliaries

If you are interested supporting, or becoming a member of, our Auxiliary Boards, please contact or 207-662-2205.

Organized in 1877 as The Ladies' Visiting and Advisory Board, the early volunteers inspected the hospital kitchens and visited the ward patients, donating 12 rocking chairs for their comfort. In 1930, they were instrumental in establishing the Hospital Social Service Department. In 1947, the ladies started a canteen and gift counter in the Maine General Hospital and, thus, established their mission, which continues to this day.

All profits are donated to benefit MMC and its patients, to be used for such things as equipment, clinic needs, Memorial Funds, Capital Campaigns and other projects. In addition, The Women's Board annually awards scholarships to Nursing, Medical Technology, and Surgical Technology students. In 1991, The Women's Board established "The Medical Education Residency Endowment Fund."

The Women's Board of the Maine General Hospital operates the MMC's Pavilion Grill, Boutique, Gift Shop, and Kiosk. The Women's Board presently consists of more than 50 active and sustaining members, each volunteering as she is able in one of the shops. However, many more volunteers staff the shops, serving approximately 1,000 people each day, and new volunteers are always welcome. Membership on the Women's Board is by invitation to volunteers of the Pavilion Grill, Gift Shop, or Boutique.

The Visiting Board was formed in 1910 for the purpose of supporting programs that benefit the care of children and adolescents at MMC. As one of the three auxiliaries of MMC, the Visiting Board focuses on supporting the Let’s Go Program, Children’s Miracle Network (Flower Power), and requests from various departments within the hospital for items needed by the youth being served.

The Visiting Board oversees the running of the Flower Box, which is the source for most of the funds raised. Proceeds from the Flower Box provide support to all programs benefiting the care of children and adolescents. In addition to the Board, other volunteers assist the staff in arranging flowers, making deliveries, and marketing products. We believe that providing a smile to those most in need is just as important as the other services we provide. We are always looking for others who would like to play a part whether you know flowers or not!