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Spiritual Care

MaineHealth Maine Medical Center recognizes the importance of the relationship between spirituality and physical health. Pastoral and spiritual caregivers play an important role in this process.

Spiritual care professionals are available to help patients, families and staff in times of emotional and spiritual need. We welcome and respect all beliefs and faith traditions. Services include speaking to, or praying with patients, families and loved ones. Chaplains of many faiths are also available to administer special sacraments of faith.

The Cairns Memorial Chapel, located on the first floor of MaineHealth Maine Medical Center Portland, is available at all hours for prayer and reflection. Devotional materials are available. Denominational and ecumenical services are held weekly and seasonally for patients, families and care team members. In addition, special services are held to commemorate special events.

Interfaith chaplains and chaplains representing a variety of faith communities are available 24 hours a day to offer spiritual support. Local ministers, priests, and rabbis are encouraged to visit their congregants upon request of the patient. 

Director & ACPE Certified Educator

The Rev. Heather L. Weidemann
Phone: 207-662-2352

Administrative Specialist

Kasey Grover
Phone: 207-662-2951

Spiritual Care Manager

Jon Larssen
Phone: 207-662-3740

Catholic Chaplain

Michael Vaughn
Phone: 207-662-5279

Catholic Chaplain

Mary Hazzard-Morrison
Phone: 207-662-5279

Catholic Chaplain

Fr. Kevin Upham

Catholic Chaplain

Fr. Amandus Sway


Cardiovascular Service Line Chaplain

Joan Carr Myers
Phone: 207-662-6117

The MaineHealth Maine Medical Center Biddeford spiritual care team is available to all patients and their loved ones. We provide a listening presence, guidance in mindfulness and prayer, support through decision-making, and help finding purpose and meaning. 

How can I request Spiritual and Pastoral Care?

Monday-Friday: Call 207-294-5301 or page 207-758-8886

Weekends and holidays: Call the Switchboard by pressing “0” on any MaineHealth Maine Medical Center Biddeford phone.

Spiritual Care Providers

Reverend Shelly Snow, MDiv, MEd, APBCC
Director of Spiritual and Pastoral Care Services

Reverend Nonie Freeman, MSW
Palliative Care

Grief is a human experience. Facing the death of a family member is very hard and everyone copes with grief differently. Regardless of whether the death was expected or sudden, this can be a time of confusion and sadness. Some people face the death of a loved one with the support of other family members and friends. Some face it in an unfamiliar place filled with strangers. Some people face it alone, with no one to turn to and no knowledge of where to begin.

Grief resources for adults:

Grief resources for children:

  • After a Loved One Dies: How Children Grieve, and How Adults can Support Them
  • The Center for Grieving Children: A nonprofit organization that provides services completely free-of-charge for children, teens, young adults, and their family members who are experiencing grief & loss. Locations throughout southern Maine, for more information call 207-775-5216.

Virtual Prayer Book

The Chaplains at MaineHealth Maine Medical Center Portland have a tradition of praying for our patient, staff, and community needs during our daily meetings. You can request prayers by entering them either in the prayer book kept in our Chapel, via email or using our webform.

Please use first names only and keep your request brief. Requests will be monitored daily and will be placed on the prayer list for our next meeting. Your request for prayer is a sacred trust and will be kept confidential.


If prayer is not your need or custom, our Portland spiritual care team is happy to receive your wish for well-being. This can be for a specific individual or more generally for our health care staff. You can send a message of encouragement and support via email or use our webform.

Please keep your message positive and brief. Our Chaplain staff rounds in the hospital daily and will share your message with the appropriate person or group. All messages shared will be edited to remove any personal information about the sender. Please know that we will receive your well-wish with gratitude, and share it in a spirit of honor and trust.